The Best New Features for Android Auto in 2023

The Best New Features for Android Auto in 2023

Reflecting on the Key Updates for Android Auto in 2023

As we look back at 2023, it’s clear that Android Auto has seen a number of important updates. The popular Android application has experienced significant changes throughout the year—changes that might have been subtle but have certainly enhanced user experience. Within the past 12 months, some practical new features have quietly made their way into the platform.

Coolwalk: A Fresh Design Rolled Out in 2023

One of the most notable highlights of the year was the roll-out of Coolwalk, which didn’t start until early 2023. Coolwalk introduced a refreshed interface with an action bar at the heart of Android Auto, along with the capability to use up to three apps simultaneously or stacked. This was the most significant update to Android Auto in a long time.

Electric Vehicles and Speed Limit Features

Among the most pivotal updates this year were the new settings for electric vehicles. Users could activate these options through the Google Maps settings within Android Auto. This update not only provided improved filters for charging stations but also replaced the traditional gas station shortcuts with quick access to electric charging stations.

Another major advancement was the integration of Google Maps’ new color scheme and, critically for users in Germany, the display of speed limits. This feature, eagerly awaited for many years, initially presented some reliability issues.

Google Maps Parking Location and Simultaneous Phone Usage

Two more minor yet significant updates concerned Google Maps. By the middle of the year, users were finally able to utilize the smartphone app while Google Maps was active on Android Auto, making the search for destinations and route planning much more convenient.

Furthermore, before the year ended, some users noticed that Google Maps on Android Auto started to save parking locations—a feature that has been present on the phone app for years and is now being introduced to Android Auto.

In conclusion, 2023 brought a variety of enhancements and new capabilities to Android Auto users. These improvements have not only improved the user experience but are also a step forward in terms of technology and integration, especially for electric vehicle users. To stay updated on the latest Android Auto developments, users are encouraged to follow our new WhatsApp channel, join our Google News feed, and participate in discussions in the Smartdroid Chat on Telegram. Links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links that may generate a commission
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