Lora and Ionuț Ghenu Have No More Money for Bali. Where Have Their Savings Gone? “It Would Be a Waste, Honestly” / EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Lora and Ionuț Ghenu Have No More Money for Bali. Where Have Their Savings Gone? “It Would Be a Waste, Honestly” / EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Change of Plans: No Bali for Lora and Ionuț Ghenu

Lora and Ionuț Ghenu will not kick off 2024 in the exotic paradise of Bali, where they also spent a few months at the beginning of this year. For them, the island had become a second home after they were stranded there due to canceled flights during the pandemic.

Investment in Land and Upcoming Nuptials Shift Priorities

In an exclusive interview with Playtech News, the artist revealed that they have invested all their savings in a piece of land near the Capital city. In the new year, they plan to build their own house on this land. Moreover, their wedding is also scheduled for the upcoming year, which has led them to rearrange their priorities, foregoing the long-term rental of a house in Bali.

A Dream Realized: Owning Land between a Lake and a Forest

Lora and Ionuț Ghenu have seen their dream come true and are now owners of land situated between a lake and a forest, a place the singer has longed for. Therefore, 2024 promises to be an extraordinary year for the couple as they will start building their home and formalize their relationship after years of intending to get married but facing various circumstances that changed their decision.

Lora: “We’re not going to Bali anymore because we have other priorities now”

Are you planning another vacation in 2024?

We bought land, 2000 square meters between a lake and a forest, and it took all savings we had for this dream. I can’t believe it finally happened, right before we were about to buy our tickets to Bali and rent a house there.

We were planning to rent a house for two years, we ordered a scooter which has already arrived, and we even purchased tickets for a ColdPlay concert in Bangkok, Thailand. Of course, we are not going to Bali anymore, because we have other priorities now, and honestly, it would be a waste. We need to be mature when it comes to our future little house.

Was this investment a long time in the making?

It was very much desired, but there was nothing on the horizon. Then, a miracle happened overnight – I can’t describe it any other way. And now, here we are with more than I ever wished for, more beautiful than I desired, in the exact location of my dreams; a place I searched for night after night, hardly sleeping.

Lora and Ionuț Ghenu Set for 2024 Wedding

Are you starting construction next year?

That’s our hope, but you see, with a wedding and a house…

You’re taking it one step at a time.

We’re taking it one step at a time, yes, trying not to put too much pressure on ourselves. I get anxious just thinking about all the things we have to do in 2024. Let’s hope the year is kind to us, and to all of you; may you start it just the way you wish, holding your loved ones, and if there is no one just yet, have a glass of wine or champagne and smile, because there’s a good energy in the Universe that takes care of its people.

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