Douyin Tests ‘AI Search’ Feature to Enhance Its Intelligent Search Capabilities

Douyin Tests ‘AI Search’ Feature to Enhance Its Intelligent Search Capabilities

Douyin Tests New AI Search Feature

As one of China’s most prominent short video platforms, Douyin has recently begun testing a novel feature known as ‘AI Search’ within its application. This function, powered by artificial intelligence, is designed to furnish users with responses that are not only prompt and precise but also thorough.

How ‘AI Search’ Integrates with Douyin’s Search Functions

The ‘AI Search’ feature can be found embedded within Douyin’s search interface, sitting alongside other search options including product searches, group buys, user lookups, and video browsing. To leverage the feature, users simply pose their questions or enter pertinent information into ‘AI Search’, which uses smart search technology to generate answers. These responses are drawn from the vast array of quality content on Douyin and also include data from external websites, giving users the chance to explore further via provided links.

The Significance of ‘AI Search’ for Douyin and Its Creators

Douyin’s implementation of ‘AI Search’ underscores the platform’s foray into the realm of intelligent search, heralding a new era. This feature is not merely about enhancing the user experience with more efficient and intelligent searches; it also opens up novel prospects and introduces fresh challenges for content creators. With ‘AI Search’, standout videos made by creators could serve as sources for answers, potentially leading to increased visibility and website traffic. This encourages creators to invest in crafting more meaningful content.

Continued Evolution of AI Search Across Platforms

The race to integrate AI-powered search and question-answering services is not limited to Douyin. In recent times, notable domestic applications have doubled down on their efforts to carve out space within the intelligent search sector. Taobao, for instance, has added ‘Taobao Wenwen’ atop its existing search capabilities, with a special focus on e-commerce search assistance. Moreover, both Baidu App and Bilibili have independently unveiled their versions of intelligent search tools and AI Search Assistants, bolstering the level of intelligent search services available to users.

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