What Iulia Vântur Will Do for Christmas in India: The Star Won’t Have Peace Even During the Holidays

What Iulia Vântur Will Do for Christmas in India: The Star Won’t Have Peace Even During the Holidays

Iulia Vântur’s Life in India and Christmas Plans

Iulia Vântur has been living in India for over 10 years and has no plans to return to Romania. She won’t even spend Christmas in her native land, but she intends to keep the traditions she grew up with. She annually honors these customs to alleviate the longing for her loved ones.

Iulia Vântur’s Christmas Traditions

In a memorable interview, Iulia Vântur revealed details about how she celebrates Christmas in India. Although she maintains traditions and decorates a Christmas tree, she admits that nothing can match the childhood Christmas atmosphere spent with her parents.

For the last three years, Iulia hasn’t visited Romania for the holiday but consistently returns home in December to celebrate her parents’ birthdays. Even in India, she delights in decorating the Christmas tree in the traditional Romanian way, singing Romanian carols, and always thinking of her beloved family.

She never misses her mother’s birthday and serenades her parents through a video call. It’s a tradition she will never give up, one that helps her cope with the homesickness that often weighs heavily on her.

“I love Christmas, I love carols. Singing carols makes me feel closer to my parents, my home, my childhood. I have beautiful memories, very dear to my heart. Every time I sing carols, my mom gets teary-eyed; it’s a very intimate and beautiful moment.

Every year I yearn for the Christmas atmosphere back home, but almost every year I reach Iași for my mother’s and father’s birthdays in early December and leave shortly after because of concerts, as it’s a busy period. For the last four years, I haven’t been in Romania for Christmas.

We celebrate Christmas in India with a decorated tree, Mumbai is lit up, there’s a beautiful atmosphere, yet nothing compares to that Christmas spent with parents. However, I serenade them through a video call every year, no matter where I am in the world. It’s our Christmas tradition,” the star told Viva.

The artist also disclosed the gifts she used to receive from Santa Claus in her childhood. Iulia Vântur confesses she only got pajamas from her parents but cherished them thoroughly. However, as she grew up, she stopped wearing this type of clothing.

Iulia Vântur on Marriage and Children

Iulia Vântur and Salman Khan have been together for more than 10 years, but so far they have made no move regarding marriage and having children. In the previously mentioned source, the artist disclosed that she has no regrets about her relationship and is ready anytime to walk down the aisle.

Regarding children, she indeed wants to become a mother with the famous actor, sharing a very serious relationship with him. However, she doesn’t put pressure in this respect; she prefers to let things happen naturally. She believes she will manage well between family and career without worries.

“Yes, I want a child; it’s a gift from God. When it happens, I will joyfully accept it. We have so many examples of women who have beautifully combined their profession and family. I think I will do very well,” the artist added.

Her parents understand the idea and do not pressure her about marriage anymore. Although they used her to push for this concept in the past, they have come to terms with the fact that only she can decide when to take this significant step.

The Star’s Desires to Bring Her Family to India

Iulia Vântur left Romania more than 10 years ago and chose to follow the man she loves. The two have a beautiful relationship, and India is home for both. There, she has also carved out a career for herself and is now fully content.

The former presenter has been warmly welcomed by Salman Khan’s parents, who immediately sympathized with her and consider her like their own child. To this day, Iulia Vântur’s mother and father have not taken a step to visit her in India, and she hopes to persuade them to make the trip.

She acknowledges that her boyfriend’s family means a lot to her. Even though she was a stranger at first, she was received warmly and lovingly and was fortunate to meet good people who helped her integrate perfectly into a completely unknown country.

“I feel at home in India. I have a new family that has ‘adopted’ me, and I am very grateful for. They make me feel loved. I feel part of the house, part of the family. And it’s so beautiful to have a family that spends time together, celebrates everything together, and supports each other in difficult times. I’m trying to convince my parents to come to India, to stay with me here, longer. But it’s hard to move my parents from their nest,” Iulia Vântur confessed.

Iulia Vântur stated that she had a lot to learn from her boyfriend. The two get along very well and have big future plans, despite the rumors that they have often been on the verge of splitting up.

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