Google Revamps Nearby Share: Discover the New Designation

Google Revamps Nearby Share: Discover the New Designation

Possible Collaboration Between Google and Samsung on Unified File-Sharing Service

Google and Samsung may merge their file-sharing services. This development comes after Google renamed its “Nearby Share” service to “Quick Share,” which is the same name used by Samsung’s service.

Indications of a Unified Google and Samsung File-Sharing Effort

It’s suggested that Google and Samsung may soon join forces again to create a unified version of their file-sharing services. This rumor is supported by postings from two well-known Android specialists, Mishaal Rahman and Kamila Wojciechowska, on social media, which appeared almost simultaneously.

Rebranding of Google’s Service Sparks Speculation

The suspicion of a Google and Samsung partnership stems from Google’s recent action to rename its ‘Nearby Share’ service to ‘Quick Share.’ Samsung users will find the name familiar as it’s also the name of the South Korean brand’s file-sharing service.

Signs Point to a Merge Following a GMS Update

According to Kamila Wojciechowska, the ‘Nearby Share’ service was renamed to ‘Quick Share’ after installing an update to GMS (Google Mobile Services – a collection of Google apps and APIs that support functionality on devices) version 23.50.13. In addition, there’s a notification that introduces the new name along with an icon change, stating: “Look for the new name and icon when you share with nearby devices.” The new icon closely resembles the original icons for both ‘Nearby Share’ and ‘Quick Share,’ reinforcing the possibility of a partnership with Samsung.

How to Use Samsung’s Quick Share

To use Samsung’s Quick Share, make sure the feature is active on both phones. On the other phone, pull down the notification panel, swipe down, and tap on Quick Share to activate it—it will be blue when on. If the Quick Share icon isn’t showing in your quick settings panel, you may need to add it. Open the Gallery app, select an image, tap Share, and choose a device to send the image to. Accept the file transfer request on the other device. If you’re having trouble connecting to another device, pull down from the top of the screen to open Quick Settings, and press the Quick Share icon. Enable “Show my position to others” so your device can be seen by others using Quick Share. This option is only visible when Quick Share is enabled.


While not yet confirmed, this potential union between Google and Samsung represents a significant evolution in the Android ecosystem and an important milestone in cooperation between major tech companies. Stay tuned to AndroidGeek for all updates on this subject and many others related to technology. This article will be updated as more information on this possible collaboration between Google and Samsung becomes available
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