iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2: Frustration Over the End of Wishlists – And Where They Are Now

iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2: Frustration Over the End of Wishlists – And Where They Are Now

Apple’s Revamped Streaming Strategy

Apple’s reconstruction of its film and TV series offerings with tvOS 17.2 and iOS 17.2 has sparked confusion among many users. The removal of the iTunes Store—along with the complete elimination of two apps on Apple TV devices—makes it seem as though the wishlist feature has disappeared entirely, together with content that users may have curated over the years. However, there is still a way to view this data on the iPhone.

Major Overhaul: A Shift Toward Streaming

With the two recent updates, Apple has further accelerated its shift toward streaming that it has been pursuing for years. The iTunes Store, which used to be a dedicated place for purchasing or renting TV shows and movies on iPhone and Apple TV, is now obsolete. Users are now directed to the TV app, Apple’s central hub for video content, which is also the marketing platform for its own video service, TV+. Consequently, on the Apple TV, this resulted in the discontinuation of two apps— iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows. The wishlist function is completely missing in the TV app for tvOS, and viewing it on the device is no longer an option.

iPhone Retains A Lifeline For Now

On the iPhone, Apple has (for now) maintained a backdoor feature: The iTunes Store app is still present, through which users can still purchase individual music tracks. When in the Music section, a Lists button appears at the top right. Tapping it immediately brings up the wishlist overview, containing music, TV shows, and movies. The issue lies in the fact that Apple does not seem to provide an export option; at worst, users might have to manually capture their lists using screenshots. Moreover, it’s unexpected for most users to find their video wishlist under the Music section, where it doesn’t naturally belong; it would be more intuitive to have it within the TV app, where video content sales have moved.

Secure Wishlist Contents Before It’s Too Late

It remains uncertain if Apple will restore the wishlist function under tvOS. Thus, those without an iPhone are at a disadvantage. Those with access to the iPhone should review their list and take note of important movies and series. It’s unlikely that Apple will continue to maintain the iTunes app, which is currently a shadow of its former self.

User Engagement with Wishlists

There are users who maintained their wishlists very actively. In various forums and on Reddit, users reported having lists with several hundred movies they wished to watch. An official support document explaining how to use the iTunes app to retrieve seemingly lost data has not been made available online. On the Mac, wishlists are likewise accessible in the Music app, found under “Account” and “Wishlist”—a location typically reserved for one’s musical purchase wishes.

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