Samsung States that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Battery Includes at Least 50 Percent Recycled Cobalt

Samsung States that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Battery Includes at Least 50 Percent Recycled Cobalt


Samsung’s Commitment to Sustainable Future with Galaxy S24 Series

Jan 17, 2024 5:08 PM EST


Galaxy S24 Series

Introduction of Recycled Materials

Samsung says its newly introduced Galaxy S24 devices contribute to its vision of a sustainable future.

The three devices part of the series include recycled steel, cobalt and rare earth elements.

This is the first time such material has been incorporated into a Galaxy device, Inhee Chung, the vice president of the corporate sustainability center at Samsung, said during the company’s Unpacked event.

Eco-Friendly Features in Detail

The battery in the Galaxy S24 Ultra has at least 50 percent recycled cobalt, and the speaker’s magnets are made up of recycled rare earth elements.

“These materials have been recovered from…batteries or magnets that were discarded during manufacturing or from products that reached the end of their lives,” Chung said.

Samsung’s Previous and Ongoing Eco-friendly Initiatives

Each of the new devices part of the S24 series comes in a box made up of recycled paper material. But this isn’t news for the South Korean tech giant as it has offered eco-friendly packaging in the past. This includes the packaging for the Galaxy S10 introduced in 2019.

Samsung’s Sustainability Goals and Achievements

Chung said the company is making “great progress” on the sustainability goals for its mobile business. By the end of 2022, Samsung achieved the first of these goals to include at least one recycled material in all of its mobile products.

The company has set a new goal to include at least one recycled material in every module of every mobile product by 2030.

“Each step of the way, we will continue to review our achievements, identify more opportunities to accelerate action, and deliver even more positive change for the environment and for communities across the globe by continuing to innovate and collaborate openly with like-minded partners,” Chung said.

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