Québecor requests CRTC intervention over Bell’s purported network access delays

Québecor requests CRTC intervention over Bell’s purported network access delays

Alleged Anti-Competitive Tactics by Bell

Québecor has accused Bell of engaging in “anti-competitive tactics” by delaying access to its wireless network for Québecor’s subsidiaries, Vidéotron and Freedom Mobile. The accusation centers around an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) agreement that was supposed to take effect on October 11th, according to claims made by Québecor.

Québecor’s Complaint to the CRTC

In a formal Part 1 application to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Québecor outlined issues regarding the expansion of services via Bell’s network under an MVNO agreement. Bell’s access rate was determined on October 10th by the CRTC after an arbitration process. Québecor asserts that Bell is demanding Vidéotron and Freedom Mobile accept terms that differ from those established by the CRTC tariff.

Dispute Over the Service Agreement

Québecor contends Bell is legally bound by the CRTC tariff terms due to previous agreement to arbitration. Through their application, Québecor is urging the CRTC to enforce compliance with the agreed-upon tariff, arguing Bell’s actions are impeding public interest.

Bell’s Rebuttal to Accusations

Responding to the allegations, Bell has denied that Québecor’s application pertains to their MVNO services. Bell claims Québecor is misusing the CRTC’s process to gain unwarranted financial benefits based on the tariff and a decision made in October, which clarified MVNO operations would begin post-signing of a written agreement. Bell states that while they promptly presented a standard agreement for signing, Québecor has not engaged in further negotiations, choosing instead to continue using their network through current roaming arrangements.

Continuing Dispute and CRTC’s Involvement

The ongoing dispute between Québecor and Bell exemplifies the challenges faced in the telecommunications industry, with the CRTC positioned as the regulatory body to address such controversies. As the situation evolves, stakeholders and observers alike are awaiting the commission’s response to Québecor’s application.

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