How to Apply Effects to Your Videos in Google Photos

How to Apply Effects to Your Videos in Google Photos

Accessing Video Effects in Google Photos

Google Photos, available to those with a Google One membership or Pixel device ownership, presents a range of video effects to enhance your videos. You can easily access and test these effects by following a few simple steps.

Variety of Video Effects in Google Photos

The video effects toolkit within Google Photos, which was introduced several months ago, encompasses a suite of 12 diverse styles. These styles include basic filters and transformative effects that significantly alter pixel arrangements on your device.

Currently, these 12 video effects include:

  • Dust mix
  • Paper tear
  • Black & White film
  • Lomo
  • Light leak
  • Film mood
  • Chromatic
  • Fish eye
  • Vintage
  • Layouts
  • Retro film
  • Poster

Effects like Chromatic, Fisheye, and Layouts notably alter the original video to the point where it barely resembles the source material. Although not every effect will be exciting for all users, there’s a good chance at least one effect will pique your interest.

Simple Steps to Add Effects to Videos

Applying effects to videos in Google Photos couldn’t be simpler, as long as you’re either using a Pixel phone or have a Google One subscription. If not, you might not have access to this functionality.

To add effects to your videos, just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Google Photos on your smartphone.
  2. Browse and open the video you wish to edit.
  3. Tap on ‘Edit’.
  4. Swipe to the ‘Effects’ section and select it.
  5. Choose from one of the 12 available effects.
  6. Finally, press ‘Save copy’.

After completing these actions, you’ll have a newly saved version of your video with the applied Google Photos effect.

Google Photos’ built-in feature for video effects is a convenient option, though other apps also offer impressive effects. There’s hope among users that Google Photos will continue to expand its selection of effects.

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