Amidst Explosive Expansion, Nigerian TikTok Community Faces Content Deletions Due to Nudity and Hateful Conduct

Amidst Explosive Expansion, Nigerian TikTok Community Faces Content Deletions Due to Nudity and Hateful Conduct


Overview of TikTok’s Community Guidelines Enforcement Report

In December, TikTok released its Community Guidelines Enforcement Report detailing the content and accounts that were removed during the third quarter of 2023. Notably, the Nigerian TikTok community saw over a million videos taken down for policy violations including adult nudity, violent or illegal activities, and hate speech.

Content Growth and Usage Patterns in Africa

The data not only signals policy violations but also reflects the burgeoning content creation scene in Africa. The year 2023 witnessed a dramatic increase in TikTok content and creators from the continent, with Kenya experiencing the most significant growth. In contrast to Kenya where TikTok is predominantly used for news updates, users from countries like South Africa and Nigeria leverage the platform for entertainment and community building.

Creator Impact and Virality

Numerous Nigerian creators have gained attention this year, with virality often measured by the extent of sharing on other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

Comedy: A Leading Genre on TikTok

Comedy emerged as one of the most popular genres, exemplified by creators like Isaac Olayiwola, a.k.a. Layi Wasabi, who achieved viral status with his lawyer skits. Similarly, Josh2funny garnered millions of views and over 26 million likes for his “The Audition” series, which became a global sensation on TikTok.

Rising Stars in the TikTok Community

Other emerging creators quickly found fame and became beloved TikTok personalities. Kehinde Ajose, creating content as Omooba, captivated audiences with her “Mummy GO” skits, while Rita Ginika, or Neekah, gained rapid popularity with her humorous reenactments of viral sounds.

Food Content Goes Viral

Beyond comedy, the food genre also saw significant viral activity. Hilda Baci became Nigeria’s most popular food creator, with her Guinness World Record cookathon in May propelling her to virality. Another creator, TSpices, attracted attention for her budget-friendly recipes and engaging voiceovers.

Lifestyle Creators Dominate

Lifestyle creators sharing their day-to-day experiences also found success, especially with Gen Z audiences. This content primarily consisted of “Get Ready With Me” videos and vlogs. For example, Fisayo emerged as a notable Gen Z lifestyle creator thanks to her humorous and relatable content.

Creative Personalities Capturing Audience Attention

Some creators, like Ima who brands herself as an “unemployed baddie,” captivated the TikTok community with her unique and humorous personality, accumulating over 5.1 million likes.

The Growing Popularity of TikTok in Nigeria

TikTok’s user base in Nigeria is rapidly expanding, with the younger demographic favoring the platform over rivals like Instagram. The app’s ease of going viral and the vast assortment of short video content is attracting more users into content creation, with constant updates in trends, filters, and prompts.

Expectations for Future TikTok Creator Growth

Given the success of current creators, it is anticipated that 2024 will witness a surge in the number of content creators, particularly in comedy, food, and lifestyle categories.

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