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Steam Deck Battery Life Extension Deal

The Steam Deck rules, but anyone who’s spent time with Valve’s handheld gaming PC knows the battery can drain in just a couple hours when playing graphically intensive games. Luckily, there are third-party devices out there like the Baseus portable charger that can extend your playtime. Usually, the USB power bank costs $100, but you can grab it for just $56 at Amazon right now.

Baseus Portable Charger Features

The Baseus Portable Charger features a 30,000mAh power bank and 65W battery, which can add several more hours of battery life to your devices. To charge your Steam Deck while playing, you need a 45W battery pack (at minimum), so this particular charger has no problem with that.

Charging Ports and Battery Display

The brick includes four standard USB-A outputs and one USB-C output for fast charging on supported devices. The USB-C port also acts as an input you can use to fill up the charger’s battery. There are input ports for USB Micro and IP. It also has an LED screen that displays the current battery level.

Extensive Compatibility and Fast Charging

We’ve tested the Baseus Portable Charger before and confirmed it can charge the Steam Deck while playing. To recharge the pack, we’ve used the Steam Deck AC adapter. Unlike many battery packs, this pack can charge from zero to 100 in around an hour with fast charging. You can also use it to charge your Windows laptop, MacBook, iOS or Android devices, and other portable gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch or ROG Ally.

Enhancing the Steam Deck Experience with Extra Accessories

While you can use the Baseus Portable Charger out of the box with any of the many devices it supports, it can somewhat reduce portability, especially for the the Steam Deck. You probably don’t want an external battery charger hanging from your system while playing. Luckily, you can use third-party peripherals like the JSAUX Steam Deck ModCase to easily strap the Baseus power bank to your Steam Deck. The $30 kit includes a detachable silicone strap, metal kickstand, and protective cases for the front and back of the Steam Deck. The front case is particularly handy for docked mode, as it prevents dust buildup. The ModCase also doubles as a Steam Deck grip.

Other Deals on Portable Chargers

If you’re not sure about the Baseus Portable Charger–or the deal sells out–there are actually a few alternatives at Amazon that are also on sale, like this Antank 45W magnetic powerbank, which is $45 when you use the included coupon (was $50). This one isn’t as powerful as Baseus’, but it is designed specifically for Steam Deck (though it works with other devices) and comes with a removable mount to attach the pack to your Deck.

There’s a similar coupon deal that drops UGREEN’s 100W charger to just $64 (normally $80). This one is probably overkill for the Steam Deck, and is more suited for power-hungry laptops, but it’s on sale for a great price. It is worth noting that it has a capacity of 20,000mAh, so it doesn’t hold as much juice as the Baseus.

While any of those charging bricks are solid options, there are also deals on a few Anker power banks for anyone who wants to stick with familiar, high-performing brands. You can snag Anker’s 65W portable charger for $54 (was $80)–it has a capacity of 24,000mAh–or this 60W alternative with an AC adapter for $80 (was $130).

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