New Energy Storage System by Deye

Chinese inverter manufacturer Deye has developed a new all-in-one energy storage system (ESS) with 50 kW of output and 61.4 kWh of storage capacity. It features LiFePO4 batteries with a maximum temperature of less than 40 C.

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The GE-F60 System’s Modular Capabilities

China’s Deye has developed a new all-in-one ESS with 50 kW of output and 61.4 kWh of storage. The GE-F60 system can be connected with up to six modules to reach a total storage capacity of 360 kWh.

System Design and Integration

“As an all-in-one system, it integrates the battery modules, battery management system, power conversion system, and auxiliary components into a single outdoor-rated enclosure,” the company said in a statement. “It is an ideal solution for a power storage battery for the home.”

LiFePO4 Battery Specifications and Grid Connectivity

According to the GE-F60 datasheet, the ESS consists of 12 lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery modules, each rated for 5.12 kWh and 51.2V (DC). The maximum temperature of the battery is less than 40 C. The ESS connects to a three-phase grid.

Battery Management and Life Cycle

“The battery management system actively balances cell voltages in each module to prevent drift and ensure long cycle life,” Deye said. “Integrated contactors allow full disconnection of battery power when required. With over 6,000 cycles under standard test conditions, the batteries support daily cycling applications over an extended operating lifetime.”

Inverter Capabilities and Environmental Protection

The system has an inverter that can handle up to 65 kW of PV capacity. It has four maximum power point tracking (MPPTs) and a maximum inverter efficiency of 97.6%. Its operating temperature is between -40 C to 60 C.

“The floor-mount enclosure provides an IP55-rated interior environment to protect the batteries and other sensitive components from dust, moisture, and other contaminants,” the company said.

Physical Dimensions and Temperature Regulation

The system measures 2,235 mm x 1,045 mm x 735 mm. Integrated air conditioning regulates internal temperatures for safe and optimized battery operation, said Deye.

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