I Swapped My Ring Doorbell for an Affordable Amazon Alternative – Longer Battery Life and No Subscription Required

I Swapped My Ring Doorbell for an Affordable Amazon Alternative – Longer Battery Life and No Subscription Required

Switching from Ring to a More Affordable, Longer-Lasting Alternative

RING owners are switching their doorbells for a little-known alternative that’s cheaper and lasts longer, according to shoppers.

Global Popularity of Ring and the Emergence of Blink Doorbells

Millions of households across the globe use Ring, which is owned by Amazon. But not everyone realises the online retailer also has a budget smart doorbell range called Blink.

Blink Doorbells Integrate with Alexa and Offer HD Video

It too does two way audio so you can speak to whoever’s at the front door, as well as HD video – and it even works with Alexa devices.

Money-Saving Features of Blink Doorbells

But the key difference that could save you money is on how videos are saved. Both Ring and Blink offer a subscription service to back up clips on the cloud. However, one distinct difference is that Blink allows users to store motion detection video recordings locally on a USB drive. You’ll have to buy a separate Sync Module 2, and own a USB drive storage device, but in the long term this could save you money. Even if you do choose to go down the subscription route, Blink’s subscription plan costs less.

Customer Preferences: Blink vs. Ring

Writing on the Amazon reviews, one buyer called Oliver Strong wrote: “So, I’m going to start by saying the short story is I prefer the Blink system. Why? First, the Sync module allows storage of data from my Blink doorbell without paying a subscription and the module + doorbell is the same price as one Ring doorbell. The Blink App has fewer options, however I prefer that. Both come with a free 30 day trial to the subscription service. The Blink Doorbell’s motion detection works better than the Ring, it captures more motion and that’s with motion sensitivity maxed on both Ring and Blink Apps, however, it still doesn’t capture everything. Video quality is the same, I haven’t tested audio as I’m not interested in using it.”

Comparing Subscription Costs: Blink vs. Ring

Blink’s subscription plan is cheaper than Ring’s. Blink Basic lets you store videos for one device, costing £2.50 / $3 per month or £24.99 / $30 for the year. Meanwhile, Ring’s subscription plan starts from £3.49 / $3.99 a month or £34.99 / $39.99 a year. It’s worth noting that Ring’s subscription plan comes with a lot more features, such as the option to extend video storage from 30 days up to 180 days, as well as the ability to download up to 50 videos at once.

The Advantage of AA Batteries in Blink Devices

The other difference between the two is that the Blink wireless device takes two AA batteries. According to the buyer, AA batteries are easier to replace and last longer. “Battery is a biggie, the Ring 2nd Gen is a rechargeable, you have to remove the entire unit from the door and recharge by USB and it’s not like you’re fast charging your mobile,” he explained. “Blink on the other hand is 2 AA batteries that you only need to pop out, quickly replace and bam, you’re back up and running. Also, the Ring battery seems to drain rather quickly compared to the AA batteries.”

Amazon Ratings and Varied User Experiences

The Blink Video Doorbell has a 4.1 out of five-star rating on Amazon with almost 18,000 reviews. However, not everyone is sold on the gadget. Another user called Craig Chew-Moulding gave it three stars over performance issues. “Bought as an alternative option to a more expensive ring,” he said. “The doorbell is a doddle to set up and install and when linked to specific Echos around the house, we no longer miss anyone at the door. However, the video functionality which is the main reason you buy such a device is poor. When the doorbell rings and you want to link to two-way conversation and video it takes an age to load the screen on the app from selecting the phone notification. More often than not the delivery person or visitor has actually left.”

Purchase the Blink Video Doorbell

The Blink Video Doorbell is available from Amazon from £59.99 / $59.99. Click here to buy now. All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.