Ecoflow Launches Hybrid, Whole-House Battery Generator

Ecoflow Launches Hybrid, Whole-House Battery Generator


Introduction of Delta Pro Ultra: A Whole-House Battery Generator

US-based Ecoflow has developed Delta Pro Ultra, a whole-house battery generator with up to one month of power backup. With a single-unit capacity of 6 kWh, 7.2 kW of output, and 5.6 kW of solar input, the system can work with multiple energy sources for many scenarios.

EcoFlow Unveils Delta Pro Ultra for Residential Power Backup

US manufacturer Ecoflow has unveiled Delta Pro Ultra, a residential plug-and-play power backup system designed for both extended outages and daily use. Starting from 6 kWh and scalable to 90 kWh, the system is said to provide enough essential whole-home power for two days to a month.

High Output Power to Run Entire Homes

With 7,200 W of output, a single unit can run an entire home, including large home appliances like HVAC systems. When combined with EcoFlow’s new energy management system Smart Home Panel 2, the system can be scaled up to 21.6 kW of output – enough to power the most energy-demanding households.

Extensive Solar Input Capabilities

The solar input ranges from 5.6 kW to 16.8 kW, allowing to connect up to 42 400 W solar panels. The 80 V to 450 V PV input port can connect up to 10 400 W solar panels in a single series, the company said.

Durable and Reliable Battery Technology

The system is based on lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery cells with a 10-year lifespan. At 3,500 cycles, at least 80% capacity should be available. The new product is IP54-rated and is designed to operate in temperatures from -20 C to 45 C.

Innovative Cooling Technology in Home Backup Power

According to Ecoflow, the system is the first in the home backup power category to feature a cooling structure with sintered hear pipes.

“The inverter features EcoFlow’s patented X-Cooling technology, utilizing a groundbreaking heat-dissipating system that increases efficiency by 50%, reduces noise and extends component lifespan,” the company said.

Versatile Charging Options with Seamless Power Switchover

The DELTA Pro Ultra can be charged through AC power, solar panels, and gas generators. It ensures uninterrupted power switchover for devices directly connected to the inverter, Ecoflow said.

Seamless Transition with Smart Home Panel 2

When paired with Smart Home Panel 2, Delta Pro Ultra delivers a fully automated whole-home switchover in under 20 milliseconds, ensuring a seamless transition during power outages.

Portable and Modular for Off-Grid Solutions

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is also suitable for off-grid power solutions, thanks to its modular and portable design, including recreational vehicles and tiny homes. Neither the battery nor inverter require permanent wall mounting and can be transported for camping, tailgating and other outdoor activities.

Availability and Recognitions

“Our innovations will soon be available in the US and Japan, with European availability awaiting final confirmation,” an Ecoflow spokesperson told pv magazine. DELTA Pro Ultra was launched at CES 2024, where it was recognized as an innovation awards honoree.

Pricing and Purchase Information

DELTA Pro Ultra is available on the EcoFlow website and Users can purchase DELTA Pro Ultra (inverter and battery) for $4,999.

The Smart Home Panel 2 is available for purchase at $1,599, or as a bundled package with DELTA Pro Ultra for $6,399 until Feb. 9.

After that date, prices are $5,799 for DELTA Pro Ultra, $1,899 for Smart Home Panel 2 and $7499 for the DELTA Pro Ultra bundle.

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