Android Auto on Phones Continues into 2024 Thanks to App

Android Auto on Phones Continues into 2024 Thanks to App

Continued Use of Android Auto on Phones Through Third-Party Apps

Although Google has not officially announced it yet, source code analysis reveals that by 2024, the driving mode will be entirely removed from Google Maps, effectively phasing out the user-friendly car interface offered through Google Apps. The Android Auto for smartphone screens had already been discontinued several years ago.

Head Unit Reloaded: A Current Workaround for Android Auto

However, even in 2024, there is still an alternative, albeit unofficial. I have been using “Head Unit Reloaded” for some time now, to emulate Android Auto on my phone’s screen. This allows me to access the full Android Auto interface on my smartphone or even on a larger device, such as a tablet.

Challenges with Alternative Applications

Unfortunately, depending on the phone, one might need to tweak the settings to get a flawless display. The interface can be set up in both landscape and portrait modes. It is more of a solution for those willing to tinker with their devices since, at the moment, there is no better alternative due to Google discontinuing their own solutions.

Potential Future Alternatives

There may soon be a good alternative to Head Unit Reloaded, as reported by our colleague Mishaal Rahman. “ProjectAuto” appears to be in development, but it is not yet ready for public release. The goal for this app is similar: to enable users to display the Android Auto interface on their phones or tablets.

Google’s Elimination of In-Car Smartphone Interfaces

The reason why Google has eliminated every solution for simply operating maps, phone, and media apps while the smartphone is placed in the car remains unclear. As an alternative, Google often suggests using voice commands through the Google Assistant.

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