Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 4K Video Recording Capability Becomes Clear!

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 4K Video Recording Capability Becomes Clear!

Anticipation for Samsung Galaxy S24 Series’ New Features

Leaks have already electrified the tech community with the prospect of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 series offering a range of new features. However, recent rumors suggest that the series’ top-end model, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, will have a unique feature not found in other models. According to the latest whispers, Samsung will introduce the option to record 4K videos at 120 frames per second (FPS). While the existence of this feature itself is noteworthy, knowing its limitations is another matter altogether.

Current Capabilities of Galaxy S23 Ultra and Future Projections

The current flagship model, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, supports both 8K and 4K video recording modes. Therefore, it is likely that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will also offer the option of 8K video recording. However, Ice Universe, a well-known source in the tech community, did not provide any details regarding this feature. In a recent post on the X platform, they mentioned that a new 4K 120FPS option would be available. This would be double the current maximum frame rate of 4K 60FPS supported by the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Although there is no information on which sensor will support this mode, it is likely that the main 200MP unit will take on this task.

Opportunities for Content Creators with 4K 120FPS

The introduction of the 4K 120FPS option for the Galaxy S24 Ultra opens up significant opportunities for content creators. It offers users flexibility in recording and editing slow-motion videos. The image quality of the Galaxy S23 Ultra has been praised by none other than the famous British film director Sir Ridley Scott, so it is without a doubt that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will raise the bar even higher in this area. However, recording at such high resolution could lead to overheating issues, a concern that Ice Universe has not commented on.

Considerations for High-Resolution Recording

For the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the maximum time limit for recording 8K videos was 10 minutes, yet some users reported that they could use the device for longer durations without experiencing overheating issues. It’s also important to note that the 4K 120FPS option will consume a significant amount of storage space. This means it will not only require a high amount of internal memory but will also demand very fast write speeds.

Internal Storage and Technology Upgrades on Galaxy S24 Ultra

Fortunately, according to an earlier leak, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be offered with a 1TB storage option and is reported to utilize Samsung’s faster UFS 4.0 technology. This indicates that the device could easily record such high-quality videos without suffering from performance degradation. Ice Universe has left many questions unanswered in the latest post, which suggests a deliberate move to keep followers intrigued about what Samsung will announce in the coming weeks. As always, we will have all the necessary information ready for you
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