Extra-Large Mattress Guide: Varieties, Cost Estimates, and Key Factors to Evaluate Before Purchase

Extra-Large Mattress Guide: Varieties, Cost Estimates, and Key Factors to Evaluate Before Purchase

American Consumers Seek Larger Mattresses

Americans are increasingly in search of extra space in their sleeping quarters. Data from a 2020 study has highlighted a trend among millennial consumers, indicating a growing preference for larger mattresses.

Introduction of Larger Mattress Sizes

Responding to consumer demand, manufacturers have begun to introduce a variety of oversized mattresses into the market. While the California king size is a well-established option, there are now even larger alternatives available, such as the family king and the Alaskan king. Understanding the various dimensions on offer is crucial for prospective buyers.

Exploring Oversized Mattress Options

For those with ample bedroom space, several oversized mattress sizes are available, including custom options tailored to unique room dimensions.

California King: Balancing Length and Narrower Rooms

The California king size, at 72 by 84 inches, sacrifices a little width for additional length, catering to taller individuals and suitable for narrower rooms. Prices for this size typically range from $950 to $2,000.

Texas King: Ample Space for Families

Larger than a California king, the Texas king’s dimensions of 80 by 98 inches make it an ideal choice for families who share their bed with children or pets, requiring a recommended room size of 12 by 14 feet or larger, with prices averaging between $2,000 and $4,000.

Wyoming King: A Square Size for Comfort

The Wyoming king offers a perfect square shape, measuring 84 by 84 inches, which provides substantial space for two adults and a child or pet, fitting nicely in most master bedrooms. You can expect to spend between $1,500 and $4,000 on average for this mattress size.

Alaskan King: The Ultimate in Oversized Comfort

With its massive 108 by 108 inches, the Alaskan king remains square-shaped while offering unmatched space for large families or those seeking extra comfort, especially for taller sleepers. Pricing generally falls between $2,500 and $6,000.

Alberta King: A Less Common, Yet Spacious Option

Sitting between the Wyoming and Alaskan king sizes, the Alberta king’s 96 by 96 inches allows it to comfortably fit two adults along with children or pets. This less common size typically retails around $5,000.

Family King: Variably Sized for Wider Rooms

The family king size comes in either 144 by 80 inches or 120 by 80 inches, providing ample width for multiple sleepers and pets in larger rooms. The cost averages between $2,800 and $6,000.

Custom Sizes for Unique Requirements

Should standard oversized mattresses not meet specific needs, customers can explore custom options such as the family XL king, offering even more space than the family king, or other custom-designed sizes for the perfect fit at home.

Advantages of Choosing an Oversized Mattress

Opting for an oversized mattress offers several benefits, including improved comfort for taller adults, suitability for larger bedrooms, and ample space for families.

Key Considerations Before Purchasing an Oversized Mattress

Prior to investing in an oversized mattress, considerations regarding room size and layout, bed frame compatibility, and budget should be made.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oversized Mattresses

Largest Bed Size

The family XL king is the largest bed size available, measuring 144 by 84 inches in its widest configuration.

Custom Beds for Athletes

Athletic superstar Shaquille O’Neal had a custom 72 by 98 inches mattress designed by Tempurpedic to accommodate his 7’1″ stature.

The Alaskan King Bed’s Grand Dimensions

Boasting a length of 108 inches, the Alaskan king bed is the longest on the market, offering unparalleled width second only to the family king and family king XL sizes
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