Apple May No Longer Import the Latest Apple Watch to the US

Apple May No Longer Import the Latest Apple Watch to the US

Apple’s Holiday Hopes Dashed by Import Ban

Tim Cook may have been wishing for a holiday surprise from the White House despite knowing better. Unfortunately for him, that wish was not fulfilled. Apple has been prohibited from importing its latest Apple Watch models to the United States due to alleged copyright infringements. The tech giant contested the decision of the International Trade Commission (ITC) all the way to the highest level, but the Biden administration saw no reason to step in on Apple’s behalf. The deadline for intervention has passed without any discussion.

New Apple Watch Models Accused of Patent Infringement

“After careful consideration of the case, Ambassador Katherine Tai has decided not to overturn the ITC’s ruling, making the decision final as of December 26, 2023,” stated the message from the office of the ITC representative. Prior to the decision, Apple had already removed the affected Watch models from its online store and physical outlets had stopped offering the products since last Tuesday. The import ban applies to all Apple Watch products from Series 6 and onwards, including all models of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Final Verdict Awaits in Court

Apple sought to prevent its products from being unsaleable with an appeal to the White House before the matter could be taken to court. The company has now filed for an appeal with a Federal judge in an attempt to reverse the ITC’s decision. If the judge overturns the decision, Apple will be allowed to resume imports. Until then, retailers can sell their existing stock, but no new stock will be permitted to enter the country.

The American tech giant is working on redesigning the models in question to resume sales. This proposal must be assessed by U.S. Customs. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this approval will happen before January 12. Apple expresses that it is incurring irreparable damage due to the ITC’s ruling.

According to the ITC, Apple infringed upon a “pulse oximeter” patent, which involves light-based technology that measures blood oxygen levels. This patent is held by Masimo, an American developer of health-related technology
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