We Tested the New Xiaomi System – HyperOS (VIDEO)

We Tested the New Xiaomi System – HyperOS (VIDEO)

Early Rollout of Xiaomi’s HyperOS

Although it was officially announced that Xiaomi’s new HyperOS would start circulating globally in early 2024, it seems the new system has arrived ahead of schedule. We’ve tested HyperOS on the Xiaomi 13T, not in the Chinese version, but the full global version—far from a Beta variant. Additionally, we’ll reveal a trick that allows you to get it as soon as possible (some users can get it immediately!).

HyperOS Features and Changes

First-hand, we’ve had the opportunity to see what’s coming to your Xiaomi, Redmi, or Poco phones. Typically, the Chinese versions of MIUI have had a much higher number of new features, but it appears that HyperOS is poised to change that. Aside from one feature that users technically can’t feel, HyperOS in Europe contains absolutely everything that it does in China.

New Customization and Features Similar to iPhone

New options, ways to customize, additional capabilities, and elements that, frankly, remind us a bit of the iPhone, are all available for you to see in our video where we test the Xiaomi HyperOS for you.

Community Feedback and Anticipation

Let us know which MIUI version you’re currently on, whether you’re looking forward to the new features that HyperOS brings, and perhaps most importantly, what you would like Xiaomi to change/fix in your phone with the new system.

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