At 50% Off, This Moulinex Air Fryer Is a Great Alternative to the Xiaomi Model

At 50% Off, This Moulinex Air Fryer Is a Great Alternative to the Xiaomi Model

Switching to an Air Fryer from a Traditional Deep Fryer

Thinking of upgrading to an Air Fryer and leaving your traditional deep fryer behind? The Moulinex model could be appealing to you. Not only does it allow for healthier cooking, but it’s also available for no more than 60 euros, down from its original price of 119 euros.

What Exactly Is an Air Fryer?

Unfamiliar with what an Air Fryer is? Essentially, it’s a device that cooks food using the same principle as a deep fryer but with far less fat, resulting in healthier meals. These appliances offer numerous cooking options, much like the Easy Fry Compact from Moulinex, now available at half its original price.

Benefits of the Moulinex Easy Fry Compact

  • A compact Air Fryer with a touchscreen.
  • Predefined cooking programs.
  • A 3 L capacity.

Rather than its crossed-out price of 119.99 euros, the 3 L Moulinex Easy Fry Compact Air Fryer is currently discounted to 59.99 euros on Amazon. If you’re looking for a larger capacity, the 5 Liter model is also on sale for 69.99 euros, down from its standard price of 139 euros.

A Rather Discreet Machine

If your old deep fryer took up too much space in your kitchen, the Air Fryer from Moulinex doesn’t pose this problem. Its name isn’t chosen randomly, “Easy Fry Compact”: at just 30 cm in height and weighing 2.6 kg, it blends into the decor and is easy to move around.

Yes, this machine is small, but it offers a 3 L capacity that can serve up to 4 people. How does it work? It’s an oil-less fryer that doesn’t use any grease to cook, but rather heat, similar to a convection oven. This allows for healthier cooking, simplifies fryer maintenance, and most importantly, keeps your kitchen from smelling like cooking oil.

Filled with Features

The Moulinex Easy Fry Compact offers up to 10 predefined cooking modes: french fries, chicken, fish, vegetables, desserts, etc. These modes are easily accessible through the touchscreen on top of the device. Through this, you can also adjust the temperature, set the cooking time, and monitor the cooking process.

Lastly, the Easy Fry Compact comes with an app. While it’s not as advanced as the connected Air Fryer from Xiaomi, which offers more sophisticated features such as receiving cooking status updates and scheduling preparations up to 24 hours in advance, the Moulinex app serves more as a recipe book. It provides access to a wide variety of everyday recipes that are ready in less than 15 minutes.

Do You REALLY Need an AIR FRYER in 2023?

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