Details Emerge about the Redmi K70 Ultra Phone

Details Emerge about the Redmi K70 Ultra Phone

Xiaomi’s Upcoming Redmi K70 Ultra Smartphone

Xiaomi has already introduced three models in the Redmi K70 series, and it seems that preparations are underway for the unveiling of the fourth and most powerful model in this series – the Redmi K70 Ultra. Today, some details about this phone have leaked, brought to light by a renowned leaker.

Leaked Details from a Well-Known Source

The leaker Digital Chat Station has posted some information about the upcoming Redmi K70 Ultra phone on his Weibo profile.

Exciting Specifications Revealed

The leaker suggests that the phone will be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip. It is believed that the device will come with an 8T OLED screen featuring thin bezels all around, and the resolution might be either 1.5K or 2K.

Potential Value for Money

The leaker mentions that this phone could offer an excellent cost-performance ratio, which is characteristic of devices from the Redmi K series. The new device will arrive as a successor to the Redmi K60 Ultra, which, in a slightly modified form, also reached global markets as the Xiaomi 13T Pro. Thus, it is expected that the Redmi K70 Ultra will be globally released under a different name, likely within the Xiaomi T series.

Impressive Sales Expectations

It is anticipated that the Redmi K70 Ultra will continue along the same path as the already presented models from this series in terms of sales. Redmi has already reported excellent sales of these devices. The brand announced that it sold over 600,000 units from the Redmi K70 series in just 5 minutes. Following that, the company disclosed that it sold more than a million units from this series over 14 days. After the first day of sales, the pace naturally slowed down, but selling over a million phones in 14 days is still an impressive achievement. Redmi noted that this is the K series’ fastest to reach a million sold units.

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