Xiaomi’s Initial Mass-Produced Vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7, Debuts

Xiaomi’s Initial Mass-Produced Vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7, Debuts

Xiaomi’s Electric Vehicle Debut and Advanced Technologies Unveiled

On December 28th, Xiaomi Automobile hosted its Xiaomi EV Technology Launch event where it unveiled its first mass-produced car, the SU7, as a tangible product for the first time. The event highlighted Xiaomi’s technological innovations in three key areas—electrification, autonomous driving, and smart cabin—based on the Modena platform architecture. Additionally, the ‘Stride’ themed conference showcased Xiaomi’s comprehensive ‘people-vehicle-home’ ecosystem as a technology-focused enterprise.

Xiaomi’s Founder Lei Jun Touts First Car as Dream Rival to Porsche and Tesla

Supported by various proprietary technologies, Xiaomi’s car is touted as a ‘C-class high-performance eco-friendly technology sedan.’ Xiaomi’s founder, chairman, and CEO Lei Jun referred to it as a ‘dream car’ competing with Porsche and Tesla, designed to meet broad consumer aspirations. Lei Jun expressed confidence that competition would not deter the car’s success, emphasizing the imperative for their inaugural product to triumph.

Electrification at the Core of Xiaomi’s Electric Intelligent Vehicle

Xiaomi introduced three ‘hardcore’ technologies central to its electric vehicle: the Xiaomi HyperEngine, CTB integrated battery technology, and a 9100-ton integrated die-casting equipment cluster system known as Xiaomi HyperCasting. These innovations showcase the company’s commitment to advancing electric vehicle technology.

High-Performance Electric Motors Developed in Collaboration

The forthcoming Xiaomi HyperEngine V6 and V6s are planned for mass production with high performance specifications, developed in collaboration with United Automotive Electronic Systems and Inovance. Additionally, details regarding the future V8S HyperEngine were shared, illustrating a commitment to further advancements in speed and efficiency.

Xiaomi’s Innovative Integrated Battery Technology

Xiaomi has conducted independent research and development on the CTB integrated battery technology, which offers high volume efficiency and remarkable range. The company has pioneered safety innovations in battery design and works with industry leader CATL for battery cell production, enhancing the performance and safety of its electric vehicles.

Xiaomi Challenges Tesla with Large-Scale Die Casting

Benchmarking against Tesla, Xiaomi has released a large-scale die casting equipment cluster system that significantly streamlines production and reduces vehicle weight. This integrated die-casting approach is paired with Xiaomi’s independently developed Xiaomi Titan alloy to optimize the process.

Advancements Showcased in Xiaomi’s Autonomous Driving Technology

Xiaomi’s presentation at the conference included demonstrations of autonomous driving in challenging scenarios and detailed its innovative technologies. The electric vehicle is equipped with powerful NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips and an array of sensors underpinning its self-sufficient driving capabilities.

Xiaomi Invests Heavily in Full-Stack Autonomous Driving Technology

Xiaomi has dedicated significant resources to developing its full-stack autonomous driving solution, Xiaomi Pilot, with the objective of becoming a top contender in autonomous driving by 2024. Commitments were made towards achieving widespread deployment of the company’s Navigation on Autopilot feature.

Smart Cabin Technologies Elevate In-Car Experience

Xiaomi’s prowess in smart cabin technology offers passengers a luxurious experience with multiple high-resolution displays powered by the Snapdragon 8295 chip. The vehicle’s operating system, Xiaomi HyperOS, further integrates user interactions across home, car, and personal devices.

The Vision for Xiaomi’s Complete Ecosystem Encompassing Home, Vehicle, and Personal Devices

Xiaomi is set to close the loop on its ecosystem of home, vehicle, and personal device connectivity with the launch of its car. Lei Jun communicated that Xiaomi’s mastery in consumer electronics provides a unique advantage in the convergence of automotive and electronic industries.

Pre-Release Highlights of Xiaomi’s First Mass-Produced Car

During the latter part of the event, Xiaomi previewed its mass-produced car, set for production in 2024. CEO Lei Jun addressed price speculations, explaining the premium will be justified by the car’s revolutionary features and technologies
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