VW e-Golf: YouTuber Evaluates Battery Degradation and Range of an 8-Year-Old Volkswagen EV with 125,000 Miles

VW e-Golf: YouTuber Evaluates Battery Degradation and Range of an 8-Year-Old Volkswagen EV with 125,000 Miles

Testing of a Used 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf’s Battery Degradation

In 2016, the newly released Volkswagen e-Golf boasted a modest official EPA range of just 80 miles per charge. Now, as we approach the end of 2023, a notable YouTuber specializing in electric vehicles has showcased just how viable the nearly 8-year-old VW e-Golf remains despite its significantly degraded battery.

EV Battery Capacity Loss Over Time

It is widely acknowledged that electric vehicles (EVs) experience a decline in battery capacity through the years, prompting many drivers to opt for what are perceived to be more enduring internal combustion engines. Yet, the question remains: to what extent can a high-mileage EV, such as an almost 8-year-old Volkswagen e-Golf, remain functional?

Real-World Experiment by an EV YouTuber

Kyle Conner, a car enthusiast and video creator behind the popular ‘Out of Spec’ YouTube channel, sets out to answer this question by conducting tests on two videos featuring a 2016 VW e-Golf he bought for a mere $3,500. The used EV, originally equipped with a 24 kWh battery—of which only 21 kWh was usable—had racked up an impressive 125,000 miles and endured over 1,000 charging cycles in its nearly eight years on the road.

Results of the Battery Capacity Test

Kyle had to perform a rather complex manual calculation to determine the car’s remaining battery capacity, which he estimated to be around 14 kWh. This suggests that the Volkswagen EV’s battery capacity has plummeted by more than 30% due to degradation. Thus, the current maximum range is approximately 40 miles, potentially adequate for urban commuters who travel short distances. Despite the e-Golf’s battery wear and other technical and mechanical issues, including a worn-out suspension, Kyle does not regret his purchase, especially given the vehicle’s low price and speedy 30-minute recharge time.

Further Insights and Detailed Review

For those interested in obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of the longevity and performance of the aging 2016 VW e-Golf, Kyle’s detailed video review is available to watch online. He provides in-depth insights into his purchase of the 8-year-old electric vehicle as well as a video demonstrating the real-world range test and battery degradation.

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