The Xiaomi Car is Here: Up to 800 km of Range, Cutting-Edge Autonomous Driving, and the Same Colors as Xiaomi 14 Phones

The Xiaomi Car is Here: Up to 800 km of Range, Cutting-Edge Autonomous Driving, and the Same Colors as Xiaomi 14 Phones

It looks like Xiaomi, the renowned tech giant known for its smartphones and smart electronics, is making a significant leap into the automotive industry with its Xiaomi SU7 electric car. Here are some of the highlights based on the provided text:

### Design and Features:
– The Xiaomi SU7 boasts a **5.32 m² glass roof**, which is quite substantial and likely to offer a spacious and open cabin feel.
– Advanced **noise insulation** systems are implemented, suggesting a focus on ride comfort.
– Inside, there is a **digital dashboard** and a **central screen**. Interestingly, the presentation video features **physical buttons**, which differ from the official images. This inconsistency raises questions about whether they are an optional feature or part of an earlier design.
– The cabin also includes **ambient lighting**, a classic-looking steering wheel, a Dolby audio system, and comes in three color options: Light Grey, Red, and Black.
– Passenger space is generous with **1012 mm** of headroom in the front seats and **105 mm** of knee space in the back seats.
– The rear trunk capacity is **517 liters**, with an additional **105 liters** under the hood.

### Performance and Specifications:
– The SU7 is built on an **800 Volt architecture** and comes in two variants: a **299 CV rear-wheel-drive** version and a **673 CV dual-motor all-wheel-drive** version.
– The latter is equipped with a **101 kWh CATL battery**, delivering an impressive range of **800 km** (CLTC cycle), while the rear-wheel-drive variant offers a range of 668 km.
– Xiaomi claims that with just **5 minutes of charging**, the SU7 can gain **220 km of range**, and with a **15-minute charge**, it can provide **550 km**. Additionally, performance seems to be less affected by low temperatures.

### Performance Stats:
– The rear-wheel-drive model goes from 0 to 100 km/h in **5.28 seconds**, with a top speed of 210 km/h.
– The all-wheel-drive model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just **2.78 seconds**, reaching a maximum speed of **265 km/h**, and it includes a Boost mode for maximum acceleration.

### Production and Market Expectations:
– Xiaomi is expecting to produce **200,000 units annually** in a Beijing facility owned by BAIC, with an investment of $10 billion into the development of the project.
– Despite the sizeable investment and ambitious production numbers, the Chinese market’s response has been lukewarm with no significant impact on Xiaomi’s stock prices after the announcement.
– The main competition in China comes from **BYD** and **Tesla**.
– There’s no mention of a **global market** release, but it’s speculated that Xiaomi may have plans for international expansion in the coming years.

The article clearly indicates Xiaomi’s strong commitment to entering the electric vehicle (EV) market, and it will be interesting to see how well they can compete with established players like Tesla and the rapidly growing BYD. However, the response to Xiaomi’s announcement suggests that the EV market in China is currently challenging, possibly due to a decrease in demand.

Note: This information is based on the provided text, which was written in Italian and may contain certain nuances which could have been missed during translation
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