Surge Battery Metals Initiates Flow Sheet Testing at the Nevada North Lithium Project in Nevada

Surge Battery Metals Initiates Flow Sheet Testing at the Nevada North Lithium Project in Nevada

Introduction to Surge Battery Metals’ Progress

Surge Battery Metals Inc. [TSXV-NILI; OTC-NILIF; FSE-DJ5C] has initiated further mineral processing tests on drill samples from 2023, taken from their notable lithium clay discovery at the Nevada North lithium project (NNLP).

Collaboration with Experts for Test Work

Collaborating with Surge director Dr. Vijay Metha, the company has contracted Kemetco Research Inc. of Richmond, British Columbia, to perform bench tests on three composite samples. These samples, comprising mineralized clay, were collected during the 2023 sonic core drilling program.

Details of the Sample Composites

The test samples integrate material from three geographically distinct drilling sites (NN2302, NN2303, and NN2304) at varying depths. They represent a spectrum of lithium concentrations ranging from lower-grade to high-grade materials, with each composite weighing between 12 to 15 kilograms.

Objectives of the Mineral Processing Tests

The goal of these tests is to establish a bench-scale process for efficiently extracting lithium from the mineralized rock. This involves refining and enhancing a conceptual flow sheet to eventually produce a marketable lithium product. The procedure will involve several stages including disaggregation, differential wet screening and leaching tests to assess extractability and other chemical properties.

Timeline for Testing and Expected Outcomes

Commencement of testing is underway, with completion of the entire test sequence anticipated by the end of the first quarter of 2024. These tests are anticipated to end in the creation of a lithium carbonate precipitate which will simulate the extraction process on a bench scale.

Encouraging Results from Previous Metallurgical Tests

Preliminary metallurgical tests on 2022’s reverse circulation drill samples, conducted by Kappes Cassidy and Associates (KCA) of Reno, Nevada, showed promising results, particularly in the consumption of acid required for lithium extraction from high-grade clay.

CEO’s Remarks on Development Progress

CEO Greg Reimer expressed satisfaction with the headway made according to their development plan. Early tests have confirmed the efficacy of lithium extraction using conventional sulfuric acid leach techniques, and the company now aims to further substantiate those findings and optimize the flow sheet for higher purity results.

Granting of Stock Options

In line with corporate incentivization, the company has awarded 2.1 million stock options, which remain exercisable over five years at a set price, to selected directors, officers, and consultants.

Overview of the Nevada North Lithium Project

Surge Battery Metals owns the Nevada North lithium project, situated southeast of Jackpot, Nevada. The initial phase of drilling highlighted a significantly mineralized area of lithium clay with promising dimensions and lithium concentrations.

Expansion Goals and Anticipation for Assay Results

With the 2023 drilling program now complete, the objective has been to extend the known area of lithium-rich clay. The company is presently awaiting assay results, with initial findings from the 2023 drilling showing high lithium concentrations.