All This Will Come to Edge in 2024 to Make It Your Favorite Browser

All This Will Come to Edge in 2024 to Make It Your Favorite Browser

The Importance of Web Browser Software

The web browser software sector is one of the most significant at the moment due to its widespread use. Indeed, these kinds of applications are often the first we open when we start up our computer or even on our mobile devices. Microsoft Edge is one of the world’s most popular options in this category.

Pre-Installed Edge in Windows

Significantly, it is the default software that comes pre-installed with a clean installation of the Windows operating system on our devices. Microsoft Edge has steadily grown since its launch and has now become the second most-used browser globally. Thus, we will discuss several significant updates that will be coming to the program in early 2024.

Microsoft Edge Update to Narrow Market Share Gap with Chrome

Microsoft is working on a crucial update for Edge, which includes some interesting features that will be introduced. Before we dive into the specifics, let’s note that these updates will arrive in version 121, expected to drop early next year. A primary goal for this software giant is to significantly reduce the market penetration gap that still separates it from Google Chrome, the undisputed leader in this space.

Support for AV1 File Format in Microsoft Edge

One of the first details worth knowing is that in 2024, Microsoft Edge will support the AV1 file format. Essentially, this means that the program will be capable of natively decoding AVIF content. This refers to one of the image formats considered to be next-generation. While compatibility for these formats arrived on Google Chrome some time ago, Microsoft is finally integrating it into Edge.

AVIF: A More Efficient Image Compression Format

Consider that AVIF allows for much greater compression than JPEG or WebP. Given that we’re discussing a browser where we load multiple websites full of images, this represents a significant development.

Other Exciting Features Coming Soon to Edge

Additionally, in this significant update, a feature allowing users to save video frames directly will be included. This means we will have the ability to store a video frame on our disk or copy it to the system clipboard with a simple right-click on any video, bringing up a context menu with both options.

As you might imagine, the first option lets us save the selected video frame on our device. We’ll also be able to choose the file format and disk location that suits us best. The option to copy a frame simply saves it in the clipboard for use wherever we need it.

Another interesting feature we’ll encounter will help us work with texts and links from the browser. This will give us the opportunity to drag any link to the side to open it directly in a new tab
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