Xiaomi 14 Arrives in Europe in February! Pro? Maybe Not…

Xiaomi 14 Arrives in Europe in February! Pro? Maybe Not…

Xiaomi’s Latest Flagship Smartphones Initially Launched in China

If you’re unaware, as can be frustrating but is quite normal, Xiaomi released its latest Android flagship smartphones a few weeks back! However, the launch was limited only to China.

Availability of Xiaomi Smartphones in Europe, Specifically Portugal

When will they arrive in Europe, or more specifically, Portugal? We have some news!

Xiaomi 14 Set to Arrive in Europe in February, But There’s a Catch…

It seems that the global launch of the new Xiaomi 14 series will take place in Barcelona, either before or during MWC 2024. The new global version of Xiaomi 14 is expected to be announced on February 25th, with the first units likely to be shipped a few days or weeks following the official announcement by the manufacturer.

Speculations About the Limited Release of the New Xiaomi 14

However, using the term “the new” might be a bit ambitious, as the source of the “leak” only mentioned the “Xiaomi 14” and not the full range of Xiaomi 14 devices. What does this imply? It rekindles rumors that the Xiaomi 14 Pro might not be a reality in the global market in 2024, with the Chinese giant possibly placing all bets on the Ultra version instead.

The Xiaomi 14 Pro’s Potential Exclusion from the European Market

But personally, I find it highly unlikely that Xiaomi would not launch the Xiaomi 14 Pro in Europe at the same time as the Xiaomi 14. After all, the Ultra version has not even been announced in China yet, so going all-in on the more feature-packed Ultra model would leave competitors such as Apple, Samsung, and even the newcomer Honor with too much freedom in the smartphone market. This would be a colossal misstep for Xiaomi!

Xiaomi’s Strategy for Global Releases May Need a Revamp

Therefore, unless Xiaomi decides to simultaneously release the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in all regions during MWC 2024, I can’t see how the Pro version wouldn’t make it into the global market. In conclusion, it’s another indication that Xiaomi needs to change the way it launches devices globally. It’s high time for synchronized releases across all regions!

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