U.S. Appeals Court Decides on Temporary Injunction Against the Sale of High-End ‘Apple Watch

U.S. Appeals Court Decides on Temporary Injunction Against the Sale of High-End ‘Apple Watch

Legal Dispute Between Apple and Masimo

Apple Inc. and the medical device company Masimo are embroiled in a legal dispute. According to an IT media report, a preliminary injunction has been granted on December 27th, effectively freezing the sales of certain Apple Watch models that are alleged to infringe on Masimo’s patented technology.

Upcoming Apple Watch Models Potentially Affected

The dispute specifically targets future models of the Apple Watch, such as the anticipated “Apple Watch Series 9” and “Apple Watch Ultra 2.” Apple’s advance in wearable technology may be hindered by the recent legal move taken by the International Trade Commission (ITC) on December 26th, centered around the claim of patent infringement by Masimo.

Implications of the ITC Preliminary Injunction

The preliminary injunction by the ITC suggests that Apple could be prohibited from importing and selling the accused products. This move intensifies the ongoing legal battle, as Masimo has successfully argued for Apple’s alleged patent infringement to be recognized by the ITC, potentially leading to a halt of sales and importation of the involved Apple Watch models.

Current Unavailability Notice for Some Apple Watch Models

As a consequence of the ongoing litigation, customers may find that, as of December 27th, the “Apple Watch Series 9” and “Apple Watch Ultra 2” are listed as “Currently Unavailable” on Apple’s online store, reflecting the implications of the legal standoff.

Additional Context and References

For a deeper understanding of the legal complexities, further information and insights can be found in the related articles and documents provided in the IT media’s report, including a comprehensive analysis by The Verge and detailed documents on DocumentCloud.

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