Innovations in the Kitchen with Samsung’s AI at CES 2024

Innovations in the Kitchen with Samsung’s AI at CES 2024

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**Samsung Electronics to Unveil AI-Driven Kitchen Innovations at CES 2024**

Samsung Electronics has announced that at CES 2024 it will present innovations in AI for the kitchen, across both products and applications, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and SmartThings connectivity, focusing on creating an ecosystem that enhances the culinary and food experience for users.

Moohyung Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of the Customer Experience Team for the Digital Appliances division at Samsung Electronics, highlighted the company’s commitment to AI kitchen innovations, emphasizing how these enhanced AI and connectivity features elevate the cooking and food experience to a higher level.

**Samsung’s Kitchen Innovations with AI**

The star product is the Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator with AI Family Hub+, which includes the new AI Vision Inside feature. This AI kitchen innovation technology uses an intelligent internal camera capable of recognizing food items placed inside the refrigerator and is equipped with “AI Vision,” which can identify up to 33 different types of fresh food. Additionally, the refrigerator allows users to manually add product expiration dates and receive alerts through its 32-inch LCD screen.

Another notable feature is the Fridge Manager, which monitors the refrigerator’s water filter status and facilitates the purchase of new water filters from Amazon with just one click.

As for cooking, the new Anyplace Induction Cooktop and the Slide-in Range are equipped with a 7″ LCD screen, where users can view selected and saved recipes from the Family Hub+. These products also feature Samsung’s induction coil technology for efficient and even heating of pots and pans anywhere on the cooktop.

The Samsung Food app is also among Samsung’s AI kitchen innovations, which has been updated with several enhanced AI features. The “Customize” function allows users to tailor recipes to their specific dietary requirements, and “Image to Recipe” recognizes meals and various foods from photographs to explore possible recipes with those ingredients. Furthermore, the Personalized Meal Plan analyzes user information by connecting to their Samsung Health profiles to create customized meals based on their health needs.

With the Bespoke 4-Door Flex with AI Family Hub+ as the centerpiece, Samsung’s food ecosystem focuses on how the AI features in these kitchen products and the Samsung Food service connect and support each other, enabling users to have a better relationship with their food throughout the day and providing a full range of smart and connected cooking experiences.

Additionally, Samsung Food also connects with Samsung Health, benefiting users’ lives by suggesting healthy and appropriate recipes based on their health information. Users can send cooking instructions for these recipes to their various kitchen appliances with just a few clicks.

With these innovations in AI Cooking, Samsung aims to expand its AI-based food ecosystem, providing users with superior cooking experiences that require less effort. Users can visit the Samsung booth at CES 2024 to experience the enhanced AI and connectivity of the innovative food ecosystem.

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