Amazon Prime Video to Begin Displaying Ads Starting January 29th

Amazon Prime Video to Begin Displaying Ads Starting January 29th

Introduction to Amazon Prime Video Introducing Ads and Subscription Changes

Earlier this year, Amazon announced plans to incorporate ads into movies and TV shows streamed from its Prime Video service. The specific start date when ads will appear has been set for January 29th. The company explained in a customer email that introducing ads would help sustain and increase investment in high-quality content over time.

Subscription Options and Customer Choices

Amazon is committed to displaying significantly fewer ads compared to linear TV and other streaming providers. Prime members are not required to take any action, and the cost of Prime membership remains the same. However, those who prefer an ad-free viewing experience have the option to pay an extra $2.99 per month.

Value Proposition of Prime Subscription Highlighted

The remainder of the email emphasizes the vast range of benefits that come with a Prime subscription, likely in an effort to reaffirm the value and deter cancellations following the introduction of ads. Benefits include free shipping, exclusive content, live sports events, and much more.

Pricing Details for Amazon Prime and Prime Video Services

Amazon Prime is currently priced at $14.99 per month or $139 annually, with a separate subscription to Prime Video available for $8.99 per month. With the new ad-free option, the total for Prime would be nearly $18 per month, while standalone Prime Video without ads would cost just under $12 per month.

Amazon’s Freevee and Live Event Advertising Policy

Amazon also operates Freevee, a streaming service supported by ads that is free of charge. The email notes that live events such as sports and content accessed through Amazon Freevee will continue to include advertisements as usual.

Market Context: Competing Services and Subscription Cost Trends

Amazon’s decision comes amidst a trend where competing streaming services are raising subscription prices and are including ads in their lowest-cost plans. Platforms like Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and Paramount Plus are now offering ad-supported tiers. Amazon Prime’s monthly cost will not change, but to maintain an ad-free experience after January 29th, an additional fee will be charged.

Full Email from Amazon Prime Team to Customers

The full email from the Amazon Prime Team details the upcoming changes, advertises the compelling value of Prime membership, and provides a list of wide-ranging benefits. It also offers guidance on how to opt for the ad-free version and provides links for managing Prime memberships. The email thanks customers for their continued membership and support
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