A Deep-V Frame Renders NIU’s First E-Bike as Pleasing to the Eye as It Is to Ride

A Deep-V Frame Renders NIU’s First E-Bike as Pleasing to the Eye as It Is to Ride

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The reviewer shared their experience with the NIU BQi-C3 Pro e-bike. They outlined features such as its easy-to-ride design, maintenance-free components like the Gates carbon drive belt, dual battery system, and included tech features that make it a notable option for e-bike enthusiasts.

Key points that stand out from the review include:

1. The BQi-C3 Pro has a low step-through frame making it accessible for riders of various heights and conditions.
2. It features an easy maintenance design, thanks to the use of a Gates carbon belt instead of a traditional chain.
3. Despite having a single mechanical gear, it offers three electronic gears for pedal assistance.
4. The e-bike comes with a proprietary 500-watt rear hub electric motor and reaches speeds compliant with Class 3 e-bike standards.
5. It’s designed with practicality in mind, coming with front and rear fenders, a rear cargo rack, and lights that increase in intensity when braking.
6. The dual-battery system offers a larger range, which is nearly twice the average of most single-battery e-bikes.
7. The reviewer found the overall design and feature set, especially at a reduced sale price, to offer an excellent value for town or commuter riding.

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