Ubisoft Reportedly Thwarts Hackers from Stealing 900GB of Data in Recent Breach

Ubisoft Reportedly Thwarts Hackers from Stealing 900GB of Data in Recent Breach

Error Message Explanation

When online services receive an unusually high number of requests from a user within a short timeframe, they might trigger a protective mechanism known as a rate-limiting feature. This function is designed to prevent abuse and ensure that services remain available to all users. If you encounter the “Too many requests — error 999” message, it means that you have exceeded the allowable number of requests in a given period.

Causes of Error 999

There are several reasons you might see an error 999 message. One common cause is sending out a large volume of requests or data in a brief span, which can seem like a denial-of-service attack to the server. Automated traffic from bots or scripts can also trigger this error, as they can generate requests at a rate that far exceeds typical human browsing patterns.

How to Resolve Error 999

To resolve this error, you should first reduce the frequency of your requests to the service. If you’re using a script or a bot, consider introducing delays or limits to its operation. If the problem persists, try resetting your router to obtain a new IP address, as the service may have temporarily blocked your current IP. Clearing your browser cookies and cache can also help, particularly if a session-related problem is causing the rate limiter to activate.

Preventing Future Errors

To avoid future occurrences of error 999, pace your interactions with online services and be mindful of their terms and usage policies. Using services like Office 365 and backup solutions, ensure that synchronization settings and automated tasks are configured to operate within the service’s request limits. Employing web and content filtering can also prevent unwanted or unintended high-volume requests from your network.

Technical Support and Further Assistance

If you continue to experience issues after taking these steps, consider reaching out to the service provider’s technical support for further assistance. They can often provide insights into the specific causes and suggest additional solutions tailored to your situation. Always keep your anti-virus and firewall software up to date to protect against malicious software that could be generating unwanted traffic without your knowledge
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