Don Daglow Pays Tribute to the Game Industry Professionals We Have Lost

Don Daglow Pays Tribute to the Game Industry Professionals We Have Lost


December 24, 2023 7:30 AM

In Memoriam List for the Game Industry by Don Daglow

Don Daglow maintains an In Memoriam list dedicated to the remembrance of deceased game industry professionals.

Image Credit: Don Daglow

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The Genesis of the In Memoriam List

Witnessing the deaths of friends and former colleagues, Don Daglow was inspired to start a list commemorating game industry professionals who have passed away. His In Memoriam page memorializes over 700 names and serves as a cultural artifact of a maturing industry. This initiative mirrors the practice found in other artistic sectors that pay tribute to their late members.

A Tribute to the Departed

At the forefront of the In Memoriam page, Daglow honors the deceased with an excerpt from John Donne’s 1624 poem, “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” emphasizing the universal impact of each person’s passing.

Compiling the List: A Community Effort

The task of updating the In Memoriam list is substantial, and Daglow depends on submissions by friends and relatives. Contributors like Devin Monnens and Andrew Armstrong have been instrumental in gathering names, such as those listed in the IGDA and The Internet Archive Memorial.

Don Daglow: A Pillar of the Game Industry

As a seasoned game industry consultant, Don Daglow adds a wide array of individuals to the list, including actors, journalists, voice artists, and even game-related personalities who passed away recently, such as James McCaffery. Daglow’s significant contributions to gaming since 1980, alongside his advisory roles, underscore his dedication to preserving industry history.

Saving Game History

This project is not just a means to remember those who are gone but also a vital initiative to save game history. Daglow, a senior director at The Strong National Museum of Play and volunteer president of The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation, stresses the importance of remembering our shared legacy.

The Impact of the In Memoriam List

The work is daunting but necessary, reflecting our collective mortality. Annual updates of the list, which included 57 deaths in the current year, not only honor the deceased but also remind us of the growing and aging game industry community.

Equality in Remembrance

In his endeavor to honor the deceased, Daglow ensures equality by giving each individual a single-line tribute, sometimes supplemented with external links to more information, thereby affirming the significance of every community member’s contributions.

Expanding the Remembrance

Information about the departed comes from various sources and timelines. Increased publicity leads to more discoveries of past names that merit inclusion, continuously expanding the In Memoriam list and filling historical gaps.

The Enduring Nature of the Work

As Don Daglow reflects on John Donne’s words about common humanity and importance, he acknowledges that his task of commemorating the game industry’s departed is an ongoing commitment, driven by community and remembrance.

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