Get Four Blink Mini Indoor Cameras for Under $60

Get Four Blink Mini Indoor Cameras for Under $60

Exceptional Smart Home Surveillance Offer: Blink Mini

The concept of outfitting your home with multiple indoor cameras can often be financially daunting. However, for a limited time, Amazon Prime members have the opportunity to extensively equip their homes with indoor cameras at an incredibly low cost, thanks to a massive 54% discount on Blink Mini cams.

Economical Smart Indoor Camera Choices

Investing in a smart indoor camera is a wise move for those looking to bolster their smart home security without breaking the bank. There are affordable options such as the Aqara’s E1 camera for $59.99 with support for multiple platforms, or the GPT-powered Psync Genie S costing significantly less. Smart home security company Blink is enhancing the deal by offering not just one, but a bundle of four Mini cameras for just under $130 – a price now slashed by 54% for Amazon Prime members.

Blink Mini Cameras: Compact and Feature-Rich

Blink Mini cameras, each weighing a mere 1.7 ounces (approximately 48 grams), are designed for versatility. They can be positioned on any flat surface or mounted on a wall using the included stand. These cameras come equipped with a wide-angle lens capable of capturing 1080p video at 30 frames per second, and night vision is provided thanks to an infrared LED. Users are promptly notified of any detected motion through the camera’s mobile app, which also offers access to video recordings for up to five minutes. If you’re interested in extended recording times, you’ll need a Blink Sync Module – a device sold separately that doubles as a hub for all Blink units.

Add-Ons and Workarounds for Additional Functionality

Although the Blink Mini cameras do not inherently come with local storage or pan-and-tilt functions, there are available solutions. For instance, a USB drive can be attached to the Blink hub to create local storage, an alternative to the cloud storage subscription that costs $10 monthly. Moreover, a pan-and-tilt capability can be achieved by purchasing a separate mount accessory designed for the camera.

Smart Integration and Easy Setup with Blink Mini

Complete with Alexa voice command functionality and IFTTT integration, the Blink Mini cameras provide convenience and smart home synergy. Despite requiring an external hub and storage solution, these cameras can be set up without those accessories initially. And for those with an Amazon Prime subscription, the 4-pack Blink Mini indoor camera set can now be acquired for the incredible price of $59.99.

Exclusive Half-Price Deal for Comprehensive Coverage

This half-price deal on four Blink Mini cameras presents a rare opportunity to cover every corner of your home without concern for blind spots.

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Written by Sarfo Ashong-Listowell on 2023-12-22 (Updated on 2023-12-22)

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