Familiar Name!! Nearby Share on Android Prepares to Rebrand as ‘Quick Share’ Similar to Samsung’s

Familiar Name!! Nearby Share on Android Prepares to Rebrand as ‘Quick Share’ Similar to Samsung’s

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Google’s Nearby Share Update

Google’s file-sharing feature for Android devices, traditionally known as Nearby Share and familiar to Android users, is reportedly undergoing a rebranding according to information from Kamila Wojciechowska. The report suggests that following a beta version update of Google Play Services, the feature’s name has been changed to “Quick Share”, including an updated icon. The new icon for “Quick Share” is showcased alongside the previous “Nearby Share” icon, as well as the “Quick Share” icon used by Samsung.

Rebranding Implications

The renaming to “Quick Share” aligns precisely with the file-sharing feature found on Samsung Galaxy devices, sparking curiosity about whether this will lead to a merger of some kind or if other developments will follow. The source of this information is accredited to 9to5google and Twitter user Kamila Wojciechowska.

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