The 8 Best Video Games of 2023

The 8 Best Video Games of 2023

Rediscovering Classic Worlds in 2023’s Best Video Games

The year 2023 in video gaming was marked by a trend of revisiting beloved universes. Whether through sequels, rejuvenation of classic series, or highly anticipated remakes, gamers found joy in exploring new aspects of familiar settings. Larian Studios delivered an exceptional entry based on a renowned role-playing series, while Nintendo beckoned players back to Hyrule for another heroic adventure. We traversed through infernal landscapes to the streets of New York, enjoying every moment.

Highlights of the Gaming Year

These are the top video games that defined 2023, offering a diverse array of immersive experiences that enthralled gamers worldwide.

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Alan Wake II – A Campy, Supernatural Sequel

Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, “Alan Wake II” by Remedy Entertainment is a captivating blend of horror, detective work, with a dash of camp. The narrative follows the titular character’s return from a dimensional imprisonment, alongside a newcomer, FBI agent Saga Anderson. As players alternate between the two protagonists, whose fates are interwoven, they uncover ritualistic murders in a small town. With a mix of terrifying gameplay, surreal live-action segments, and quirky charm—partly thanks to writer Sam Lake’s self-inclusion—it’s a well-balanced adventure.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – A Deep Dive into D&D Fantasy

“Baldur’s Gate 3” from Larian Studios, available for PS5 and PC, revitalizes the world of D&D with intricate storytelling and extensive customization options. The game emphasizes strategic combat, presenting a bevy of classes and sub-races, and a narrative enriched by delightful and passionate characters. Notable personalities lead to substantial narrative paths, with choices significantly impacting their development. Moreover, the game even offers bizarrely intriguing possibilities, such as romancing a bear.

Dave the Diver – An Underwater Adventure with a Twist

This quirky addition to the game roster, available for Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac, turns a seemingly simple diving and sushi-preparation mechanics into a richly layered experience. “Dave the Diver” encapsulates wit and depth despite its straightforward premise, offering bite-sized gaming sessions. It’s a testament to how fun and humor can triumph over realistic and serious concepts.

Diablo IV – A Brutally Addictive Hack-and-Slash

“Diablo IV” upholds the franchise’s reputation with its intense class-based combat system and an engrossing ambiance, available on multiple platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game’s enchanting thrill in dispatching grotesque creatures through its seamless play mechanics makes it an unforgettable addition to the series.

Final Fantasy XVI – Dramatic Combat Beyond the Narrative

While the latest episode of “Final Fantasy,” exclusive to PlayStation 5, might struggle with its narrative and character originality, it compensates through its dynamic combat system. The game introduces humans called “dominants” with the power to manifest into formidable eikons, providing strategic and empowering gameplay that shines during intense boss battles.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – A Cultivated Successor

With “Tears of the Kingdom” for Nintendo Switch, following the extraordinary “Breath of the Wild” was no small challenge, but the sequel finely honed its predecessor’s formula. The game’s unmistakable splendor, refined mechanics, and loveable characters play second fiddle to innovative creation tools that allow players to unleash their wildest fantasies within the Hyrulian landscape.

Spider-Man 2 – Superhero Action Perfected

Insomniac Games bucks the trend of disappointing superhero games with “Spider-Man 2” on PlayStation 5. Successor to “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” the game presents a compelling narrative along with distinct and complementary gameplay for its protagonists, amidst a Manhattan playground ripe for exploration.

Super Mario RPG – A Timeless Classic Revisited

One of Nintendo’s most memorable releases this year is the iconic “Super Mario RPG” for the Nintendo Switch, rekindling its ’90s charm. The game deftly combines Mario’s world with RPG elements from “Final Fantasy,” delivering a quirky, humorous, and memorable journey featuring an extraordinary cast, including unlikely team-ups and wacky minigames
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