Video: Fired a Laser from Space to Tease a Cat

NASA’s Experiment with Laser Technology

Yesterday (23:30), NASA conducted an experimental demonstration of their groundbreaking technology for research purposes. From a staggering distance of 31 million kilometers away from Earth, they successfully targeted a household couch with a laser beam while one of their employee’s cats, named Taters, was lounging on it. This endeavor was part of NASA’s hopes that the tested laser technology will eventually enhance communication across more remote regions of the solar system. Despite the vast distance, they managed to transmit the video at speeds exceeding that of most broadband internet connections. Sources such as the BBC and IFL Science provide more information on this remarkable experiment.

Related News: The Debate on Cat Neutering and Spaying

The day before yesterday (12:00), a discussion was presented about the pros and cons of cat sterilization and neutering. Opponents of these practices often argue around moral dilemmas and the potential disruption to a species’ reproductive cycle, which could lead to extinction. Advocates, however, contend that cats do not play a crucial role in the food chain, and their predation on birds and rodents usually doesn’t bear any ecological benefits. Street cats are often exposed to harsh weather, abuse, and disease, leading to uncontrolled breeding. Sterilization could, therefore, ensure a longer and happier life, free from the rigors of reproduction. More insights can be found at the link provided by Savjeti.

The Secret Behind Cats’ Purring Revealed

An exciting scientific discovery recently revealed the mechanism behind cats’ distinctive purring. Researchers have puzzled over how cats produce such a soothing sound, given that low-frequency noises are typically generated by larger animals with longer vocal cords. The study discovered that cats have “purring pads,” a special connective tissue that increases the density of the vocal cords and causes them to vibrate at a slower rate, hence producing the purring sound. Details can be found at Green.

Keeping Cats Away from Harmful Substances

As a cautionary advice, it is important to keep harmful substances away from cats. This includes common household and garden items that might seem appealing to them but are quite dangerous, such as coins, scented oils, mothballs, fabric softeners, playdough, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, grapes, garlic, onions, and certain toxic plants. Symptoms of cat poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, loss of appetite or muscle coordination, blindness, and seizures. When in doubt, it’s always best to contact a veterinarian for advice. More information can be found at Index.

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