Here’s How Suno Works: The New Feature for Creating Music with AI Thanks to Bing Copilot

Here’s How Suno Works: The New Feature for Creating Music with AI Thanks to Bing Copilot

The Rise of AI in Big Tech

There’s no doubt that major tech giants are dedicating a significant portion of their efforts to the development and enhancement of their Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms. Particularly due to the exponential growth of these platforms in recent times, they now boast an increasing number of functions and tools that we can utilize. Microsoft’s Copilot is no exception in this AI revolution.

Continuous Enhancements to Microsoft’s AI Platform

Since its inception, the software behemoth has not ceased to improve and add new tools and modes of use to its AI platform. There’s also the possibility to integrate new add-ons currently in development to enhance its functionality. All these improvements empower us to generate automatic texts, converse with the AI, follow recipes, create images, and much more.

Microsoft Ventures into AI-Powered Audio

However, the company now aims to dive deeply into the audio sector with a new feature that will allow us to compose our own songs. We’re sharing this news because Microsoft has just announced its partnership with Suno, one of the giants in AI-based music creation. Now their music creation capabilities are integrated into Microsoft Copilot. Thus, we’ll show you how to activate this interesting function and begin using it immediately.

Music Creation Without Musical Background

Much like many other AI-driven applications we benefit from, musical knowledge is not a prerequisite in this case. We’ll be able to create our own custom themes based on the prompt we provide. This is akin to what we have already been doing to create spectacular images without any design expertise.

Activating Copilot’s Music Creation Feature

As the software giant and developer of Windows confirms, thanks to this partnership we mentioned earlier, users will be able to create personalized music themes regardless of their musical background. What’s more, Suno has been a leader in AI-based music technology for quite some time, pioneering the ability to generate complete songs with lyrics, instruments, and voices from a single prompt.

To take advantage of this feature, the first step is accessing the Copilot website from our Edge browser. Simply by following this link. We may need to enter our Microsoft account credentials before anything else.

Once on the site, we’ll find the usual interface of the company’s AI. It’s important to note that this function is currently rolling out globally. To activate it, in the upper right corner, we’ll find a link that says “Add-ons,” on which we should click.

Then, we’ll need to locate the entry called Suno to start the plugin for creating music. It’s possible that we may not find it in our account at the moment. Microsoft informs us that its rollout is happening right now, so it could take a few hours or days.

From that moment on, we can typically set the corresponding prompt by asking Copilot to create a song. As with the automatic creation of other content like images, depending on the words used in “Create a song about…”, we can generate more or less original content.

Now Available to All Users

While Microsoft has traditionally rolled out its tool gradually, as of now, it is available to all users, at least in Spain. If it’s still not appearing for you, make sure you are logged in with a personal Microsoft account and clear your browser’s cache and data.

Once all of that is done, we should be able to activate the Suno add-on from the list of add-ons and start using the tool from that moment on
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