Google Releases List of Most Searched Video Games in 2023

Google Releases List of Most Searched Video Games in 2023

Top Searched Games of 2023 and The Game Awards Viewer Reactions

Google released a list of the top ten most searched games in 2023, but viewer reactions to The Game Awards were mixed with the results. The gaming industry has remained strong, even amidst some setbacks. Popular games such as Zelda, Baldur’s Gate, and Alan Wake achieved high sales and duly succeeded at this year’s The Game Awards ceremony.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Surprising Absence from The Game Awards

Geoff Keighley, host of The Game Awards, shared Google’s list of the most searched games, where Hogwarts Legacy topped the chart. Surprisingly, the game wasn’t nominated at the awards, which is odd considering its player numbers and positive reviews.

Harry Potter Fans and Their Engagement with the Gaming Industry

Perhaps many fans of the Harry Potter franchise are not deeply versed in the gaming industry, but there are surely those who, following the movies and books, decided to play the game. Additionally, it could be that fans contributing to Hogwarts Legacy’s popularity on Google were unaware of events like The Game Awards. They might have their own version of award ceremonies that aren’t within our purview, which could explain why the game wasn’t nominated.

The Last of Us and Its Continued Popularity

Following Hogwarts Legacy, The Last of Us occupies the second spot. The popularity of Naughty Dog’s series continues to grow, partly due to the HBO TV adaptation and the announced “No Return” mode for The Last of Us 2.

The State of the Gaming Industry and Diverse Game Genres in 2023

In addition to showcasing the diverse genres that found success in 2023, this list reflects the healthy state of the gaming industry worldwide. Battlegrounds Mobile India was banned in India but reinstated in May 2023, earning it fourth on the list. Japan’s Suika Game, a mobile puzzle game, grabbed the seventh spot due to immense popularity, described as very addictive and one of the best in its category.

Top Searched Games on YouTube

Here’s the list of the most searched games on YouTube:
– Hogwarts Legacy
– The Last of Us
– Connections
– Battlegrounds Mobile India
– Starfield
– Baldur’s Gate 3
– Suika Game
– Diablo 4
– Atomic Heart
– Sons of the Forest
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