The title in English could be: “Continue Will Generate, Refactor, and Explain Entire Sections of Code

## Streamline Your Development Workflow with In-IDE Autopilot

Introducing an open-source autopilot for your Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This innovative tool streamlines the coding process, allowing you to stay within your development environment without the need to switch between applications.

## Task-Oriented Code Autocompletion

Our solution offers the ability to generate, refactor, and explain entire sections of code seamlessly within your development workspace. It takes task automation to the next level by directly integrating into your IDE.

## Ask Coding Questions Directly in Your IDE

Seeking a different perspective on your code is easier than ever. Simply highlight sections of code and ask the integrated autopilot for insights or alternative approaches.

– “What does this forRoot() static function do in NestJS?”
– “Why is the first left join in this query necessary?”
– “How do I run a performance benchmark on this Rust binary?”

## Natural Language Code Editing

Make coding more intuitive by using natural language to command the autopilot to refactor or edit your code.

– “/edit rewrite this to return a flattened list from a 3×3 matrix.”
– “/edit refactor these into an Angular Flex Layout on one line.”
– “/edit define a type here for a list of lists of dictionaries.”

## Generate New Code Files Instantly

Starting from a blank canvas? Let the autopilot kick-off new projects or scripts in various programming languages.

– “/edit get me started with a basic Supabase edge function.”
– “/edit implement a C++ shortest path algorithm in a concise way.”
– “/edit create a Docker Compose file with PHP and MySQL server.”

## Stay In The Zone with Integrated LLM Assistance

Avoid the hassle of window switching and keep your flow intact by using Large Language Models (LLMs) directly inside your IDE.

## Select Your Preferred LLM and Provider

Choose from a variety of models and providers such as GPT-4, Code LLama, Claude 2, Phind-CodeLlama, PaLM 2, WizardCoder, and platforms like Ollama, LM Studio, vLLM, TGI, or SaaS solutions like Together and OpenAI API.

## Use Your Codebase for Context

Engage Continued autopilot effectively by allowing it to automatically understand and use the current context from your codebase.

## Customize and Streamline Workflows

Personalize your development experience with custom configurations, commands, context providers, and workflow steps tailored to your needs.

## Leverage Development Data

Enhance your coding models with continuous fine-tuning, using the data generated while you and your team build software with Continued autopilot.

## Simplify Team Deployment

Join the Discord community for support in setting up Continued autopilot once, enabling the entire team to benefit from its features collectively.
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