Google Contacts Introduces a New Feature: Locating Friends and Family on the Map

Google Contacts Introduces a New Feature: Locating Friends and Family on the Map

Finding Friends and Family through Google Contacts on Android

Google has recently started rolling out a new feature for the Google Contacts application on Android, specifically version, that allows users to find their friends and family directly through the app. Although this update isn’t yet widely available, it’s expected to reach all users in due time.

Checking Your Google Contacts App Version

To determine the version of the Google Contacts app on your Android phone, navigate to Settings > Apps and search for Contacts. Click on it to view the app’s information page, where you’ll find the version number at the bottom. If you don’t have the required version yet, there’s no need to worry; the update is likely on its way soon.

How the Location Sharing Feature Works

The new function is only available for contacts who have shared their location with you through Google Maps and for whom you have their Gmail addresses in their contact card. By scrolling down, you’ll find a section dedicated to Google Maps location sharing, which indicates whether the contact is sharing their location with you and for how long.

Requirements to Use the Google Contacts Location Feature

To utilize this feature, make sure the contact card for your friend or family member includes their Gmail address, and they’ve elected to share their location with you on Google Maps. Additionally, you must be using the Google Contacts app on your Android device, not an alternative provided by the phone’s manufacturer.

Downloading Google Contacts and Navigating to Shared Locations

If your phone does not come with Google Contacts installed, you can download the app from the [Play Store]( The beauty of this feature is that once you have located the person on Google Maps, a simple tap can provide you with directions to their location
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