Asia Real Estate Personnel Updates for December 18, 2023

Asia Real Estate Personnel Updates for December 18, 2023

Asia’s Senior Real Estate Executives on the Move

Several high-ranking real estate executives in Asia have received notable new appointments, celebrating their achievements with career advancements during the festive season. Zhu Hexin, who has shown exceptional leadership at CITIC Group in China, has recently been appointed to oversee the nation’s Forex regulator. Meanwhile, significant changes have taken place at companies such as India’s DLF and AEW in Singapore, where dedicated CFOs and managing directors are stepping into new roles or bidding farewell to pursue different endeavors.

Leadership Changes in Chinese Financial Regulation and Indian Real Estate

Zhu Hexin, the vice chairman and president of CITIC Group, has been entrusted with the role of head of China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), coupled with a deputy governor position at the central bank, reflecting a strategic move on December 8th. On a different note, Vivek Anand, DLF’s chief financial officer, has announced his resignation effective February, leaving behind a four-year tenure to explore new opportunities. His responsibilities will now fall to managing director Ashok Kumar Tyagi, who will expand his focus to encompass corporate finance, IT, and secretarial tasks.

Retirement and Transition in the Real Estate Industry

AEW’s managing director for the Asia Pacific, Tanya Do, has decided to retire after a successful 28-year career in the real estate industry. During her four-year stint with AEW, she held significant positions such as COO and senior portfolio manager. Now, she plans to return to Australia with her family, seeking more personal time. Additionally, in China, Joy City Property has promoted Yao Changlin to the role of executive director and general manager, succeeding Cao Ronggen upon his retirement.

Next Generation Leadership and ESG Advocacy

Sunac China Holdings, amidst a restructuring phase, is setting the stage for a generational shift in leadership. Sun Zheyi, the progeny of chairman Sun Hongbin, steps up as president of the Beijing business sector, bringing his educational background from Boston College and board experience since 2017 to the fore. In the realm of sustainability, Tong Shumeng joins the Spring Real Estate Investment Trust as an independent, non-executive director, bringing a wealth of experience in advocating for ESG initiatives.

New Appointments in Japan’s Real Estate Sector

Tuck Terado embarks on a fresh chapter as the head of asset management at Keppel Capital Japan, after nearly 14 years with Idera Capital Management. Simultaneously, Liam Owens has been announced as The Executive Centre’s head of business development for Japan, expanding his remit after an impactful stint covering various global regions in a similar role.

Call for Industry Updates

Mingtiandi remains keen on keeping the community informed about the career movements within Asia’s real estate sector. Should there be knowledge of professionals landing new positions, receiving promotions, or engaging in exciting activities, Mingtiandi welcomes updates from its readers.

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