Alexia Eram in Danger at America Express: What Happened to Andreea Esca’s Daughter After She Was Left Alone Without Aris

Alexia Eram in Danger at America Express: What Happened to Andreea Esca’s Daughter After She Was Left Alone Without Aris

Alexia Eram’s Solo Journey on America Express

Alexia Eram faced a shocking situation alone on America Express after being separated from her brother. Without any help, the daughter of Andreea Esca experienced terrifying moments, feeling endangered without her brother, Aris by her side.

Unexpected Twist for Contestants on America Express

Host Irina Fodor took a decision that set the eager contestants in motion, all vying for a spot in the grand finale of America Express. With the path paved by the Sun God’s patronage, they searched for “divine” connections to bring “blessings” to the teams.

The contestants were met with an extremely unpleasant surprise by the host, something none of them anticipated. It was a twist that completely upended their strategy and tested all of their skills.

“Since we are in the last phase, I think it would be a shame not to experience a scheme that has already become classic on our Express roads. Guess what?” asks Irina Fodor.

“I had no idea what Irina was going to say,” admits a surprised Aris Eram.

Irina Fodor announced that the teams would be split up: one contestant would continue the race alone, while the other would stay behind to play games with the others, games they would have to win to avoid disadvantaging their partners.

Alexia Eram’s Desperation in Her Brother’s Absence

Teams consulted among themselves and jointly decided who would stay and who would go. As a result, the following decisions were made:

  • Vlad Huidu remained at the game with Irina Fodor, while Giulia Anghelescu set off alone on the race.
  • Sânziana Negru stayed for the game, and Laura Giurcanu chose to race.
  • Alexia Eram stayed for the games, and Aris Eram decided to race alone.
  • Romică Țociu also stayed for the game with Irina Fodor, whereas Cătălin Țociu went off to race this evening.

For Alexia Eram, the bicycle race was not all smooth sailing as she encountered a few stray dogs while cycling on the streets at midnight. Fortunately, they were not aggressive, and she was able to quickly avoid what could have been a significant hurdle that affected her mission time.

A few meters ahead on the road, she met two people who helped her out, proving to be lucky in the race. The husband was riding a motorcycle, while his wife, a kind lady, offered to cycle alongside Alexia following the route on the map.

“I was holding my legs to avoid being bitten,” Alexia recounted.

After a brief effort and realizing Alexia was in a hurry, the local accompanying with the motorcycle decided to push the bicycle with one foot on the sand and the other on the motor, speeding them up remarkably and successfully completing the race.

Laura Giurcanu Discusses Her Night with Aris Eram

Aris Eram joined the America Express competition with his sister, Alexia, while Laura Giurcanu was accompanied by her good friend, Sânziana Negru. Later in the competition, the teams changed, so the brunette and Andreea Esca’s son raced together.

They traversed several routes, faced difficult challenges, and one particular night, they were both forced to sleep together. Invited to a podcast hosted by fellow competitors Romică Țociu and Cătălin, Laura and Aris shared details about that night, a hotly debated subject amongst the public.

Laura Giurcanu noted that she didn’t pay much attention to sharing the same bed with Aris Eram. What bothered her, however, was the cold. Otherwise, the experience was pleasant, and both enjoyed it thoroughly.

“We slept together. The next morning, ‘How did you sleep?’, ‘How was your first night together?’ and we were tired. I had been cold all night, we were exhausted, we were dirty (…) In the car, I told him: ‘Is it okay if we kiss, right?’. I’m just asking so we don’t waste time there talking about it there, to be efficient (…) You know, in previous seasons, these people kissed and we just know that, if it was okay with it,” Laura Giurcanu declared in the podcast hosted by Romică and Cătălin Țociu.

Aris Eram mentioned that he was a true gentleman and did not sit idly by when he saw his teammate was cold. He immediately offered her his sweater for assistance.

Before reaching their accommodation, the two discussed how things would be between them and even planned to share a kiss that evening. They decided to fully enjoy those moments, but the cold, exhaustion, and stress hardly allowed them to have their way.

Rumors about a possible relationship between the two have been growing ever since, but neither has confirmed that anything serious is going on. The two were even seen kissing but chose not to comment on the subject and preferred discretion.

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