Save Yourself from the ‘Where’s My Wallet?!’ Panic with a Card-Shaped ‘Almost AirTag’ at 20% OFF during the #AmazonHolidaySale” (GIZMODO JAPAN)

Save Yourself from the ‘Where’s My Wallet?!’ Panic with a Card-Shaped ‘Almost AirTag’ at 20% OFF during the #AmazonHolidaySale” (GIZMODO JAPAN)

Stock is Still Available! Should You Get It Just in Case?

There are still items in stock! Perhaps it’s worth securing one for those just-in-case moments?

The Amazon Holiday Sale Started Saturday and Today’s the Final Day

The Amazon holiday sale, which began on Saturday, reaches its final day today, and it’s likely the last Amazon sale of the year. As a fitting end to the year’s shopping, I recommend this product as an exceptional deal.

Anker’s Card-Sized, Slim Tracker Is Popular and Currently 20% Off

Anker’s card-sized slim tracker, which is a popular item for preventing lost belongings, is now available at a 20% discount, priced at 3,192 yen. I advise you not to miss out on this deal and to purchase it right away.

Its Functions are ‘Almost’ Like AirTag’s, and It’s Card-Sized and Compatible with Android

What’s great about this tracker is its slim profile, with functionalities that are ‘almost like the AirTag’s’.

Now, speaking from personal experience after using it…

– It supports Apple’s “Find My” network, which is likely the strongest in terms of coverage area.

– It fits into a wallet’s card slot, with roughly the thickness of two credit cards.

– Its strong suit is Android compatibility, supported by the official Eufy Security app.

– It includes features like a forgotten item prevention and the ability to ring your phone from the card.

– The battery isn’t replaceable (lasts up to 3 years).

That’s the rundown.

The Strength of Compatibility with Apple’s “Find My” Network

First off, compatibility with Apple’s “Find My” network is a huge plus. Moreover, it doesn’t create any bulge in your wallet, which is incredibly stress-free. In this regard, it definitely beats the AirTag in terms of convenience of use.

Lifetime and Battery Constraints Compared to AirTag

Unlike the AirTag, it doesn’t support Ultra-Wideband (UWB), so it won’t guide you with direction when you’re close. Also, the battery isn’t replaceable, so it has a lifespan of about 3 years.

Cost-Effective Investment for Tracking Your Wallet

But if you can use it for three years at this price, isn’t that worth it? With an annual cost of 1,064 yen, it breaks down to about 0.97 yen per day—a negligible amount for the peace of mind in knowing your wallet’s location.

Enjoy the Festive Season with Added Security for Your Wallet

If you have plans to go out and enjoy drinks during the festive season, I strongly recommend you slip this into your wallet. It will give you a different level of security and may well save you in a pinch!

Read Our Review for More Information

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