Kuaishou Video App Launches Hiring Campaign to Woo Employees from ByteDance

Kuaishou Video App Launches Hiring Campaign to Woo Employees from ByteDance

ByteDance’s Gaming Brand Nuverse Restructures

ByteDance, the parent company of popular social media platform TikTok, has revealed on Monday plans to downsize and restructure its gaming unit, Nuverse. Despite these changes, ByteDance assures that all games already on the market will continue to operate normally. However, the firm will halt most upcoming projects, with the exception of a number of innovative technical endeavors.

Kuaishou’s Gaming Arm Welcomes Nuverse Talent

In response to this development, Bullet Finger Universe Technology, a gaming subsidiary under Kuaishou, has rolled out a recruitment campaign aimed at attracting Nuverse’s professionals. They have publicized numerous job openings across multiple cities including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing, indicating a strategic move to capitalize on the available talent pool resulting from Nuverse’s downsizing.

Domestic Gaming Companies Seize Recruiting Opportunity

Meanwhile, human resource teams from other Chinese gaming companies are also swiftly taking action. They are actively seeking to recruit Nuverse staff, humorously inviting them to discussions using WeChat posts. Their outreach indicates a light-hearted, but competitive approach to hiring in the gaming industry, signaling strong interest in the freshly available workforce from Nuverse.

[Source: IT Home, in Chinese]
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